3 easy, free ways to get prospects!

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Today I had one of my team members come to me and ask, “Jess I have some extra money to spend, what kind of advertising should I do,” of course they were shocked at my response when i said, “NONE”!

It’s easy when you have money to do advertising sign up a bunch of people and start building a team, HOWEVER spending money on advertising is NOT what duplicates, especially in the economy we’re in. The question inspired me to write this blog for any network marketing opportunity, and these are 5 FREE ways that you can get leads and still build a massive organization! If you do at least one of these a day, you’ll be surprised at the results you get:

3 Free Ways to Get Prospects:

#1. Facebook

For those of you that have not watched my facebook training videos, go to the numis network training page at workwithjess.com and you’ll find 2 seperate videos with step by step training on how to prospect on facebook.

Most of you know that facebook is an amazing way to prospect for free, yet are confused on how to do it. Trust me, facebook DOES work, but there’s a “secret to success” with it, you must:


A lot of people start out Ok, send consistently about 10 messages per day and don’t pitch at first, but then when it comes to the pitch they don’t do it at the right time….

The right time to pitch varies from person to person and it takes practice to learn how people operate, but one key thing to remember is that I never send them a video without them asking me first! I won’t just send a video: #1 I don’t want to waste my time and #2 I want to make sure they’re interested. I will always ask something like, “It may not be for you but I could send you a video on what I’m doing, if you like it great, if not no big deal :), let me know…” (This is of course after I’ve mentioned what I do with gold and silver assets).

#2. Networking Functions

I have also written an extensive post on networking functions just recently and how to approach people when you go to them. The way I describe is extremely non-salesy and does not pressure you to “sell sell sell” when you’re out and about. To learn more about networking functions and how to approach people, go here: https://workwithjess.com/its-ok-to-be-a-piece-of-meat

#3. Warm Market – (not typical)

Now, when I say warm market I know most of you run the other way and may have even clicked away from this blog by now ;), but when it comes to any network marketing opportunity, no matter what the product is or what the pay plan is or who the founders are, warm market works the absolute best!

Let’s just say that you believe you’ve COMPLETELY burnt out your warm market, (even though believe it or not most people know around 2000 people). Well what’s a way to EXPAND your warm market??

When you go to the hairdresser, the store, shopping, whatever there is a non-stressful way to build your warm market, BUILD RELATIONSHIPS FIRST! You don’t have to pitch them right there, you don’t even have to talk about your business, just like with networking functions, get their information and follow up with them.  When you have a relationship with somebody they are 1,000 times more likely to look into your opportunity!

So I know that these are obvious to some and you might be thinking that those aren’t revolutionary at all!! But here’s the thing, If you concentrate on these three ways to get prospects, do it the proper way that I describe in some of my blogs and in this post, you will ultimately be extremely successful. These three ways are free and do not take any technical skill, which means that everyone can do it! That also means that when you master these skills, your team will as well and you’ll have massive duplication :).

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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