3 Ways to Get High Quality Home Based Business Leads, For Free!

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Unfortunately today, buying home based business leads is a tough way to go and can run your bank account dry. I know that buying leads can absolutely work and many have built strong businesses that way, but it is a total gamble on the type of leads you’ll get. Most of the time the leads you get are broke and totally unqualified to work with you in your business. It is only by pure luck or high dollars per lead that you get fantastic results.

Today with this post I wanted to introduce to you some ways that I’ve gotten high quality home based business leads for absolutely free and how simple it is if you apply yourself.

3 Ways to High Quality Home Based Business Leads:

#1. Home Based Business Leads on Facebook:

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out my facebook training which goes over some basics to signing 3 a week for free:

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I have recruited some of my top people on my team from facebook. The basis of how I recruited them is explained in the above blog, but let’s talk about why they are qualified.

When you look at someone’s profile on facebook, they share their entire lives with you. When I search for someone, I can see their comments, their posts, their friends, their occupation, if they’re positive, if they like the same things I do, etc.

When I look at someone’s profile and interaction with others I can tell immediately if they’re a qualified lead in my business. So after that I can move on accordingly to start a relationship with them and get them interested in who I am and what I do.

#2. Home Based Business Leads From Events:

There are events that I’ll tap myself into and events that I won’t tap myself into. What I mean by that is that certain events I think are a waste of time and you’ll begin to recognize them in your area. For example, in my area, Chamber events are a complete waste of time and here’s why: The same people show up over and over again pushing their businesses and have no interest in getting to know the rest of the group and creating relationships.

When you go to an event your soul purpose should be to create a relationship with someone, NOT to push your business on them. At the Chamber event all they do is pitch pitch pitch and there’s no real opportunity there. There are some great events I’ll go to that will create high quality home based business leads for me that I can later go home and follow up with. Here is an example of great events to attend:

1. Fitness meetups – you create relationships

2. Realator events – I’ve brought numerous people to a meeting after creating a relationship with them at realtor events.

3. Charity events – generous high quality people

Those are just some general examples but you get the idea. People that are generating great income and are considered “a leader’ in whatever industry they’re in will most likely not show up at mini networking events for amateurs. Go to the events that you KNOW your ideal prospect would hang out at.

#3. Home Based Business Leads Online Through Attraction Marketing:

I’ve mentioned attraction marketing before because I think it is absolutely awesome! This is definitely a great way to get the absolute best home based business leads that are not only interested in a business, but are interested in YOU!

In order to create a phenomenal attraction marketing profile online, you can read my former post HERE.

It is such an awesome feeling when you have people seeking you out online and they find you and are DYING to work with you! It’s amazing which is why I love this category, and there are ways to create a following for absolutely free (creating content daily, videos, social media, etc.) However there are some pro’s and cons to this option which is why I don’t recommend it to everyone:

Pro’s To Attraction Marketing Home Based Business Leads:

1. People are seeking you out, much easier to talk with them than cold calling

2. You can pretty much stay in your comfort zone

3. You are able to work from a computer anywhere, anytime

4. When people are following you online, you not only can sell your main opportunity, but you can start making affiliate commissions as well

Cons to Attraction Marketing Home Based Business Leads:

1. If you’re not careful, you will have zero duplication. –> Let me clarify by saying that many people come online, don’t use the phone and don’t train their people just constantly sponsor.. this will NEVER create duplication or a long term huge residual business.

2. It takes much longer than warm market

3. You must be disciplined and work at it every day

4. You must be someone of value before people will follow you, so you need to create content constantly

5. Not everyone will want to go this route or learn internet marketing so again, duplication falls into play.

6. Be careful not to spend 24/7 studying instead of your daily prospecting.

If you go this route it can definitely pay off, but there are some cons that you just need to be aware of. If you do everything properly you will see massive success. 🙂


To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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