6 MLM Prospecting Secrets That Trigger Your Prospect to Buy

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I was recently reading an ebook on mlm prospecting by a guy who’s made over 70 million dollars in MLM, and decided to share the awesome tactics that I’ve learned. I tried these out on a couple of prospects last weekend and it absolutely works, unbelievably. I shared this tactic on my Monday Motivation Call I do every Monday morning, and my team went nuts because they loved this information so much! I knew I had to share it here as well so that everyone would have these MLM prospecting secrets to build a huge network marketing business.

Since I learned the following skills and implemented them this past weekend, here’s what’s happened:

1. I signed 2 people into my primary company

2. Both people bought the high end package

3. I have literally connected on a deeper level with all of my prospects, so they feel like they know me, like me and trust me!

6 MLM Prospecting Triggers:

MLM Prospecting Trigger #1: Consistency

I should say consistency or lack there of. Let me explain what this means. For example, Joe really likes chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top. In fact, it’s his favorite dessert. He always orders it when he goes to restaurants like this, “I’d like some chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top please,” yet he always gets the same reply from the waitress/waitor. “You mean an ice cream sunday?” “No, I mean chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top…” … “That’s an ice cream sunday without the syrup.”

So Joe would go through this each and every time he ordered ice cream with whipped cream on top. One day he was so tired with no energy left, he didn’t feel like going through the whole ordeal so decided to just order chocolate ice cream. The waitress replied, “sure comin’ right up.” As she was walking away, Joe said, “You know what miss, could you add some whipped cream on top of that?” The waitress replied, “sure, no problem,” and everything went smoothly! She questioned his order, nothing, just got him what he asked for AND only charged him for ice cream, not even the whipped cream!

What he realized from a psychological standpoint is that when someone already commits to something, an additional “add on” isn’t that big of a deal because they’ve already committed in their mind. How you can relate this to MLM prospecting is that when someone makes a small commitment, like a sale in MLSP or joins your primary company, your “afterthought” approach could be to get them to buy another tool or package for their benefit. He explains that you always say it as an afterthought because in their mind, they’ve already made a commitment and it’s much easier to get them to buy.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #2: Product Nature

When someone is looking to join a business or buy a product, you need to understand why they need that product. Some examples would be if you’re selling burglar alarms, you need to know why someone would need those. Maybe they have a family that they need to protect, or something triggers a memory that makes them think they definitely need an alarm. Maybe they have expensive goods in the house.

Whatever the need may be, make sure during your MLM prospecting that you don’t scare them into buying, but lead them into buying by creating a need they might not know they have. Knowing the product nature in mlm prospecting is easy to get at by asking questions. Ask and you shall receive.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #3: Prospect Nature

Prospect nature is different than product nature. With prospect nature, you need to understand the emotional reasoning behind their decision to buy. We all know that people buy on emotion, not logic, so by asking the questions  you can get the answers.

Some examples of this may be that your prospect just had a new baby they want to take care of or they lost all their money in their 401K. Either one of those are good logical reasons for someone to buy.

***Important*** – One trick I like to do when I’m doing my mlm prospecting is ask my prospect what it would feel like to get a big check and walk across stage. Then I ask if they can picture themselves in that position and what it would take to get there. With these two questions I’m testing 2 things; Number 1, how big they can think, and Number 2, how hard they’re willing to work to get what they want. This will trigger an emotional response in them, and also let me know if they’re someone I even want to work with.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #4: Objection Raising

This is an extremely important trigger because most people do this wrong. When a prospect has an objection in their mind, what most people will do is forget about it, work around it and not even bring it up. Another mistake they’ll make is answer all of the wrong objections without even getting to the real reason why the prospect is resistant.

When dealing with objections, the best way to handle them is to bring them up FIRST, then create a solution in your prospects mind for them. For example, if someone doesn’t have time, you might say, “I realize that you think time is an issue for you, but what if I could show you a way to work this business for a half an hour a day in order to build a residual income to give you much more time in the long run with your family.”

See what happened there? The objection was raised by YOU, not your prospect, bringing it out of their mind and then was resolved by YOU, making it irrelevant from then on in the conversation. Pretty cool huh? The moral here is to always bring up the objection if you feel it’s an issue in your prospects mind.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #5: Involvement and Ownership

This is a basic trigger that everyone should follow. When you’re doing MLM prospecting, you want to make sure your prospect feels involved in your presentation. In order to solidify this, use the product or objects that they can feel and touch to make everything you’re saying that much more real to them.

If you’re selling makeup, do a demonstration. If you’re selling juice, give them a taste. If you’re selling coins, hand them some bullion so they can feel the weight and clanking of real money in their hands. Whatever the case may be, this tactic works with everything.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #6: Integrity

Most of us use common sense and realize that integrity when doing mlm prospecting is extremely important. However, sometimes our prospects ask us questions that might question our integrity and make us want to lie like “How much money are YOU making?”

Don’t lie! Your prospect can hear in your voice when you don’t have integrity. A way to fix these stupid, insignificant questions in order to never get them again is to have a certain posture in your voice at all times. When you’re prospecting, answering and asking questions, make sure you sound confident and sure of yourself/your business. If you have the right attitude, no one will even think to bring up the “how much money are you making” question or any other scary ones!



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