6 Social Media Strategies to get Massive Leads for Your Business

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The one largest trend going on today with the internet and getting leads is social media. Social media has grown into the number one way people communicate, look for events, socialize and add friends into their inner circle. The average facebook user is online and searching on people’s profiles for a HUGE amount of time, hence making it an optimal opportunity to catch someone’s eyes and get them to follow you or click on YOUR ad.

With social media it csocial media leadsan be extremely overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to get leads and traffic in a shorter amount of time. There are thousands of different social media sites and strategies so to keep them all straight can be a challenge. This post today is to help you understand how to use the most significant social media sites in a step by step process to get more leads.

6 Social Media Strategies to Get Leads:

The following six strategies are the most significant forms of traffic and leads through social media that you should be learning if you want to get traffic quickly.

1. Facebook Fan Pages/Timelines

Fan pages are a great, FREE resource to get a huge amount of followers and leads. They are simple to start and if marketed properly can build great relationships with you and your fans.

2. The hottest social media site right now – Pinterest!

Pinterest is the HOTTEST social media site and has grown by the millions in just a short period of time. One really cool thing about this site is that it can actually help you generate traffic and backlinks through pictures!

3. Facebook/LinkedIn Profile

Your profile you might not think is that “important,” but it can actually generate you a large following as well and attract people to YOU.

4. Facebook Groups

Another great form of traffic that is extremely interactive. Groups can build great relationships between you and your fans/leads, and also makes you a “real person” rather than just another “internet guru” to your group. This is one of my favorite strategies.

5. Facebook Ads/PPC

Although this is not free, there are certain strategies and methods you can use to get the most out of your money. This is also a strategy that gets you a lot of leads fast!

6. Twitter

Many people overlook the social media monster twitter because it’s just status updates, however twitter can make you extremely attractive to potential prospects/clients in your industry.

Twitter is powerful when  you post the right things and attract the right type of people. I’ve gotten several of my biggest leaders in my primary company from twitter.

Ok, so I described the strategies and now you’re probably thinking, “how do I use these social media strategies?” In a blog post it would take a long time to go over each and every detail about how to most effectively use them, so I’ve put together something special so you get the  most value out of this as possible.

Wednesdays at 7 PM EST, Amy Jo Neal and I are doing a FREE webinar on EXACTLY how to use these social media sites to generate large amounts of traffic and get massive leads for whatever your business may be!

If you don’t have any clue how to get started with these different sites, it doesn’t matter because we take you through step by step how to set it up and market it most effectively! this is a ONE TIME ONLY webinar series for free, we will not be giving this away for free again!

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Here is the recording from last weeks webinar on how to set up a fanpage, and I’ll see you on next weeks webinar to go over how to market your fanpage! 🙂


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