7 simple ways to Create an Online Home Based Business Empire

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If you want to move from offline to an online home based business, there’s a few simple things that you have to do each and every day that will eventually create an empire for you.


Unfortunately many people come into online marketing out of weakness. They have a fear of talking to people and don’t want to be out of their comfort zone, they’d rather stick behind a computer and wait for people to come to them which is why they look into an online home based business. Having an online home based business does NOT mean never talking to anyone! The principles I’m about to teach you are for people that are ready to take their business to the next level and do not let fear get in the way. If you hate the phone/talking to people you should not be in network marketing and should discontinue reading.

7 Ways to an Online Home Based Business Empire:

1. Determine your ideal prospect!

Who is the absolute best person for your online home based business? This is a serious step and should absolutely be the first and foremost thing you do. Too many people overlook this and just come into online marketing with no clue about their target market. In order to talk to an audience, you have to know what that audience likes and will be searching for. Here are some sample questions to help you answer this:

– Are they stay at home mom’s?

– Are they professionals?

– Do they want a product that translates well online or is their a different market?

– Are they network marketers?

2. VERY IMPORTANT: Ask yourself if an online home based business is the way to go with your product/company!

Before you even get into the nitty gritty of online marketing and lead generation, ask yourself if your product/service/company even translates well online and if you have a problem that can be solved! The number one way to get people to buy into you online is to solve their ultimate problem. What is the problem you want to solve and is the company your with going to solve it for them?

3. Choose your main traffic source!

Once you determine who you’re talking to and what the problem you’re solving is, you need to choose where you want them all to go when they search for you! Now you don’t have to have just one traffic source, but you should have a main one in mind that you really want people to resonate with and connect with. People follow people, not businesses, so depending on your goals you want to choose something that really establishes your values, culture, leadership and skills. Eventually people will be attracted to you and want to join your online home based business, no matter what it is. Here are some example traffic sources that you can choose:

– Blog – great for content

– Capture page – this is ultimately your selling page

– videos


If you don’t know how to create these – My Lead System Pro will teach you how.

4. Create content/Determine how to drive your traffic to your traffic source!

Now that you have the people you’re targeting, the problem you’re solving and the traffic source, it’s time to actually start sending the traffic to your online home based business. There are multiple different ways to send traffic to your site, but the most important thing to remember is that there are two main ways: PAID AND FREE!


1. PPC – paperclick, although google has been having a lot of problems so you might try it through yahoo or another site.

2. Banner Ads

3. Co-Op

4. Post Cards


1. Creating content each and every day consistently that attracts other people (blogging, ezine articles, videos, etc.) – with this pick the one that you like the best and hammer it!

2. Making sure you have the right keywords- if you do the above step without the right keywords you will never be seen!

If you don’t know how to do this, My Lead System Pro will teach you how.

5. Join a Tribe!

If you’re creating content on a daily basis, you definitely want people to share it! Tribes are online communities where people can post content and other people share it and vice versa. You can get a TON of shares in a matter of minutes if you create relationships in the tribe through your daily content. The best part is a lot of them are absolutely free!

Tribe Pro is a great tribe that I highly recommend. This is the easiest way to start getting massive traffic to your site, if you want an online home based business and don’t take advantage of joining a tribe you’re missing out and frankly, ignoring a ton of business ;).

6. Use Social Media!

Social media is NOT saturated like a lot of people think. If you have awesome content to share, people WILL follow you and will eventually start checking your links/sites/pages every single day. Post your content in groups (post to people you know DO NOT spam!) and create a fan where people can see your content each and every day. You can also use a fan page as a lead capture system where when people click to join your fanpage, a video of you and an opt in comes up with a giveaway. Facebook is awesome for traffic.

If you don’t know how to do this, My Lead System Pro will teach you how.

7. Constantly Keep Learning!

May seem simple and unnecessary to point out, but people don’t realize how fast the internet is changing. There are constantly new products, traffic sources and lead generation techniques coming out each and every month! DO NOT spend your entire time studying or “being in the library” as we like to say because at the end of the day you won’t have accomplished anything! Make sure that you’re still doing your daily prospecting while learning new things.

You must prospect daily (talking to another human being) until your internet marketing starts to pick up. Creating an online home based business takes time and energy, it doesn’t happen overnight so until you are generating enough leads you NEED to replace that void with offline marketing. Like I said, offline marketing works! If you combine offline with online, you will be unstoppable!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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