Amazing Multi Level Marketing Discovery: Why You’re Still Struggling!

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Lately I’ve been making a lot of calls for my multi level marketing company to current reps in order to ask what their struggles/successes have been. When I write these blogs, I really want to give  my readers authentic, actual experienced problems and solutions from the field so that each time you visit here you really feel like you’ve learned something. I figured the best way to do that would be to consult my own team and other leaders in the multi level marketing industry.


I found an Amazing Multi Level Marketing Discovery:

After talking to reps in the field, top producers, and prospects over the past couple of weeks, I made an amazing conclusion that will end all multi level marketing problems if you really dig deeply into what I’m saying. This is what I’ve learned in a nut shell:

Everyone’s problems and objections seemed to be completely different. Most multi level marketers look for the answers outside of themselves, never reflecting their pain, struggle and frustration on the inside and always on the outside. They are constantly searching for the solution to their problems in something or someone else.

What I mean by this is that the blame is never focused within. This may not seem like a huge problem to you, but it is! I will keep hammering this into people’s brains until they get it, multi level marketing is a SIMPLE business just most reps tend to over complicate it.

Almost without exception, every time I asked a prospect or rep why they were struggling they blamed it on their upline in previous companies. Not directly, but indirectly saying they had no direction and weren’t given the proper guidance. I heard a lot of this in our conversations:

“Jess, the reason I struggled is because no one had told me how to get [leads, time management skills, coaching, accountability] etc.”

This is unacceptable if you want to be big time in this industry. The honest truth is that getting leads is easy. Coaching is easy and accountability is easy, if you do the simple daily activities each and every day. Unfortunately, the easy stuff is hard when no one is looking over your shoulder telling  you to do it each and every day. In school, we are told what to do and then rewarded for doing what we’re asked. In college and in the workplace it’s the same thing.

So what happens when someone enters the multi level marketing industry?

When people enter multi level marketing they don’t realize that a shift in their brain must occur. You must shift your employee mentality into an entrepreneur one if you wish to succeed. The “how to” does not come from anyone else, it comes from you and you alone. We ALL know what we have to do to succeed, and that’s talk to people and present the business.

If you’re not where you want to be it’s because of one of two things; You’re not talking to enough people or you’re talking too much when  you are talking to people. If you just say less to more people, your multi level marketing business will explode. Here are some ways to help you stay focused and on task:

1. Schedule your time –> give yourself specific times of day to do a task and make sure it’s completed within that time frame. For example, if you want to prospect between 10 Am and 11 Am, put it into your phone and set your timer.

2. Have an accountability partner –> until you learn how to hold yourself accountable and make that switch in your mind, it helps to have someone on your side, whether they’re in your multi level marketing business or not. An upline is a great idea for an accountability partner.

3. Work on motivational books/tapes/dvds for 30 minutes a day –> This will help you get over your employee mindset and slowly start to shift your mentality so you can be more accountable.


To Your Success!

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