Are You Coachable?

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I saw a great blog the other day that talked about how you should not do what “works”, you should do what “duplicates” in your network marketing opportunity, whatever that may be. Network marketing, as you’ve heard me say many times, is not about what works and how many people you can sign up in one month, it’s about how many people YOUR people can sign up, a.k.a DUPLICATION!

I was coaching some of my team the other day and realized something very interesting….

What I Realized In Every Network Marketing Opportunity…

After coaching a member of my team for about 30 minutes, they just kept saying the same things over and over to me questioning what I was saying. In other words, they were so stuck on their ideas of what they were going to do to grow their business, they weren’t even going to listen to what I KNEW got results!

Some people, unfortunately, no matter what network marketing opportunity, know what they know and don’t want to listen to anyone else. I found that no matter what I said to this person, all they wanted to do was their ‘OWN’ way, even though I had a system that had worked for thousands of people in the past!

What I realized was that you cant help people who don’t want to help themselves. Cliche I know, but so true. I had heard this saying thousands of times, and still was constantly trying to help the people that just were not coachable!

What Can You Do?

What can you do with a team member that refuses advice? Be hard on them! Not in a nasty or cynical way, but in a way that is fighting for their greatness! An upline should be a person that fights for their downline’s greatness, even when they won’t fight for themselves.

What I mean by this is pointing out to them how they are jeopardizing their success and make it a point to fix it. There are a few ways that people sabotage themselves:

1. They try to reinvent the wheel

As I mentioned, no matter what network marketing opportunity, if you’re with a solid upline, they will always give you a simple system that duplicates and has made others successful. Why fix something that isn’t broken? I see this happen ALL of the time and just be honest with yourself to figure out if you are one of these people.

2. Flat out don’t listen

If you’re not listening to your upline because you always have a “better way,” somewhat like point #1, you are NOT coachable, and you will take a longer time to succeed. "network marketing opportunity," "duplication"

3. Do what works, not what duplicates

Here are some things that WORK in MLM:

Radio ads

Print ads

Pay Per Click

Post Cards (sometimes, results may vary)

TV commercials

All of the tactics listed above have worked for people to get sign ups like crazy, HOWEVER there are 2 problems:

1. They are not guaranteed to work, results are too vague and inconsistent (some people get a ton of sign ups, some people don’t)

2.  NOT ONE of those methods is duplicatable, they all cost a lot of money and your downline will not repeat these methods. If you want a sales job get into sales and don’t leverage the efforts of others, I think we all got into network marketing for the residuals and leverage. If you truly want MLM success, be a true leader, be coachable and do what duplicates!

What to do next:

So, after reading this blog, I want you to all be extremely honest with yourselves and ask yourselves the following questions:

1. Am I coachable?

2. Am I doing the things necessary to grow my business?

3. Am I following up with people like I’m supposed to?

4. Would I sign up with me? (BIG QUESTION)

5. Do I set daily goals and accomplish them?

If the answer is YES to all of these questions, you’re on thee right track and will have much MLM success!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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