Are You Self Sabotaging Your Network Marketing Business?

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The other day I posted on facebook about how I had an extremely interesting experience with my network marketing business. Today I’d like to share that with you in hopes that it will give you some insight on your business. Perhaps from this experience you’ll realize that you’re self sabotaging your very own network marketing business, or fully learn how to truly have the confidence and belief you need to move forward until you have unbelievable success.

The Story of the Rep that Is Self Sabotaging His Own Network Marketing Business & Playing the Blame Game:

I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience quite as extreme as this one, so I absolutely had to share it because underneath the insanity lies an important message. Here it goes:

I had a prospect that called me and said “I want to join your team. I like what I see with you and what you’ve put together, and I really would love to be mentored by you and learn from you.” So naturally I said Great! What’s your billing address? ;). He then proceeded to tell me that he’d rather sign up through the website, and he didn’t trust me to take his information. I told him that I was more than happy to let him do that, but typically I take every new representatives information so I can make sure they are placed properly where they can get the most benefit out of our network marketing business.

He insisted on signing up on the website because he felt like I was lying to him and was going to steal his information. Of course that was not the case, but I agreed and in order to appease him let him sign up on the website. I ALMOST said that I don’t want him in my business, not because of his hesitancy to give me his information, but just because of the attitude he had, but unfortunately I didn’t trust my gut and let him sign up.

The next day I get a 2 page email about how he had some questions and some “suggestions” on how I can improve my technique. I am never closed minded to help/suggestions so I listened and responded with my feedback. I mentioned in my response email how if he ever had a lot of questions he could always call. He called right after I sent that message and we talked for about 10 minutes. He expressed his concerns about how he didn’t know if anyone would be available for 3 way calls since he was calling 20 prospects later that day. I said he has 3 options and most likely all of us would be available later that afternoon so not to worry.

I didn’t get any 3 way calls that day from him, but did receive another 2 page email on his plans for building the network marketing business. I skimmed through it that day but was busy with a lot of meetings so decided to answer it later when I was home and had some down time. By this time, he had been a rep for 2 days and we had alreadyΒ  had 3 instances of communication.

THE VERY NEXT DAY, this new rep sends me ANOTHER 2 page email, only this time it was about how he didn’t think I was there to support him since I didn’t answer his email, and how he was going to make $200,000 in the next two months but I missed out on that opportunity, and how he’s found something else that he can go to that has nothing to do with me or my team! This was because in a day’s time, I didn’t respond to an email (keep in mind I get hundreds of emails a day). Here are some snippets from the email that he sent to both Ray and myself together….

So let me point out a few things before moving onto some other snippets. This guy is clearly self sabotaging his network marketing business everywhere he goes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I took the next day to respond to his email, it has to do with his own personal issues and confidence with moving forward. There is not one person on my team that will say Ray and I don’t give great support. He is blaming us for his non success and using that as an excuse for non success.

Another interesting thing he says is that he will “go make $200k” in the next 2-4 months in a different company and then come back to Numis. I don’t know who gave him those expectations, but it is virtually impossible to make that kind of money within 4 months, especially if you have this kind of attitude. Network marketing is a marathon not a sprint, so unless you plan on sticking with it for the next 12-36 months to hit your goal, you have false expectations. You can’t “try” it for a couple of months to see if it works, that will only ensure failure. People don’t fail in their network marketing business, they quit.

Again, more blame and self sabotage. He then goes on to say that we’re not at “10 figures a month yet” so we have a lot to learn and starts criticizing the way we do things. The email goes on for about another page bashing us and our morals,Β  Then he writes this at the very end….


This rep not only was throwing punches at me, he was also generalizing everything with Ray and decided to blame him as well. This is a very sad situation because you can tell that he wants to do well, but just can’t get past his hang ups.

The #1 Moral of this Story:

ALWAYS qualify your leads BEFORE you bring them into your network marketing business!

This rep wasted so much of my time and in the end sent me an email like this one. While this is an extreme case, make sure you are always qualifying your leads so you never let this happen to you.

I am more than happy to share this experience with all of you because I know what type of leadership and support we offer. I know that we do the best we can to make sure each and every rep on our team gets off to a great start and have the confidence that if someone joins our team they will feel like they made the right decision.

You are going to get people like this that blame their internal hang ups on you, don’t let it get to you! If you have the confidence in your team and yourself to move forward you will build a huge network marketing business and help tons of people change their lives.

This was a selfish man trying to make everything in this industry about himself. It’s not about him and it’s not about us, it’s bigger than that and always remember to never let sweat the small stuff.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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