Article Marketing Tips to Get More Leads

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This week I’ve spent a TON of time studying article marketing from the article marketing master, Rob Fore. He’s got a ton of videos and training online that you should definitely check out, he’s amazing. If you want get in touch with Rob you can go HERE. I learned a lot this week and wanted to share some of the cool tips I’ve learned.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re going to do article marketing, until your leads/profits catch up with your regular prospecting, DO NOT stop your daily offline activities. I still believe that prospecting for your home based business is a great way to build a foundation team.

Article Marketing: Why It’s Awesome…

Some people like to do videos, some people like blogging, some people like articles, whatever is a good thing for you is definitely what you should concentrate on. For me, I happen to love doing articles because of the great content they provide and how they’re out there forever. Videos are awesome for marketing as well, but articles have an awesome way of gathering traffic from search engines because of all the tools/article sites out there.

Article marketing is absolutely awesome because it can be completely automated to the point that you’re getting sales in your sleep! There are so many different article submitter sites out there and article marketing tools that help you can literally get sales from content you created months, even years ago and keep everything entirely automated. To me, that is the coolest thing ever!

There are a few things you can use article marketing for and why it’s so important:

I’m using article marketing for a few things:

1. To promote my MLSP (My Lead System Pro) business

2. To promote my Numis Network Business

3. To promote myself as a leader and show what I’ve done in my companies

4. To rank at the top of google search engines

5. To make affiliate sales (I believe article 1. is the best way to do this)


Article Marketing Tips To Get More Leads:

1. Make sure you create an profile for free as you will want to write some of your articles there.

2. Also things become a lot easier if you’re a member of My Lead System Pro, as you can host your own articles within the system. Hosted articles vs. non hosted or “forwarded domains” get a lot more traffic.

The name of the game when it comes to article marketing is to create a TON of backlinks, because backlinks are what rank on the top page of google. When you write a piece of content, you want as many other sites as humanly possible sharing that content and posting that link to your main site on THEIR site. Backlinks are extremely important.

The best way to get your article marketing started is to write at least one to two articles a day with the right keywords, and then get as many backlinks as you can to those articles with that keyword.

There are two types of ways to get backlinks:

1. Article Marketing Backlinks: FREE

Here are a few sites that you can get backlinks with for free:





5. TribePro –> This is an extremely important tool, you can get a free account and go from there. If you’re not in tribepro you’re missing 90% of your potential traffic.

(I wont’ go into how to use these or what they are, as it does that on their website, but just know these are the absolute MINIMUM that you want to use)

2. Article Marketing Backlinks: Paid

If you’re really serious about ranking on the front page of google and getting checks in your hands, you’ll “tool up” as Rob Fore likes to say and use these tools to get your business off the ground. These tools will save you boat loads of time and give you 1000 times the amount of backlinks that you could normally do onΒ  your own.

1. The Best Spinner –> This tool spins your articles and makes each one unique. Having duplicate content on the web and submitting the SAME article to a bunch of different sites is NOT good according to google, so this tool makes each article unique when submitting them for backlinks, it is critical to spin your articles. $77 one time purchase, with a $7 week trial.

2. Article Marketing Robot –> Another critical tool. This tool submits your content for thousands of backlinks automatically. This is what most of the top article marketers use to be on the top page of google. Serious marketers have not hundreds, but thousands of backlinks and they use this tool to do so. This is a $97 one time purchase, no monthly fees.

If you just write a piece of content at least every day and concentrate on your backspins, you’ll create an empire and get sales in your sleep!




To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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