ATTN: Calling ALL Network Marketing Leaders!

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If you are NOT a leader, please don’t continue to read this. I am only sharing this information with people that consider themselves TRUE leaders and can handle what I’m about to talk about…

If You Chose To Read Further….

Did you know that now you know all that you need to know?? Wow that was a mouthful! lol If you are continuing to read this blog, then that means you consider yourself a true leader. That also means that you already have all you need to succeed!

There is a huge misconception going on that you need to know everything about what’s going on in networking, how to talk to people, what to say, how to handle objections, how to drive traffic, how to set up articles and blogs, blah blah blah! While some of those skills are helpful, they are all just additional tools to the simple act of prospecting. If you truly believe that you’re a leader and have the following skills I’m about to talk about, you will do fine!

At least once a day I have someone in my downline ask me “how can I get more leads?” Great question! I agree that it is important to ALWAYS have leads in your pipeline, however there are only 2 things you need to get leads and build a business. There are 2 things you absolutely need to succeed in this business, and since you’re reading this I know that you have at least one of them:

2 Things You Need to Succeed In Network Marketing:

1. Confidence

If you’re reading this, you have SOME form of confidence within you. In all honesty, it’s not as much about WHAT you say and more about HOW you say it. In order to attract more leaders to you and get more people in your pipeline, you need to have confidence.

Recently you guys know that I’ve been cold calling Realtors. That is not easy to do and at times can be pretty nerve wrecking. If I didn’t think of myself as a leader and have the confidence to try something new, I would’ve never been able to get more leads because I would probably be sitting at home doing nothing expecting things to just come to me (which is exactly what I was doing a couple of years ago and wondering why nothing I tried was working ;)). If you want more leads, there’s a simple fix: have the confidence to go out and do the simple things every day that will build you an empire (prospecting, one piece of content a day, etc.)

Network marketing is a relationship business, plain and simple. The more people you talk to with confidence and the knowing inΒ  your mind that you’re building a $1,000,000 business, the better you’ll do!

2. Discipline

Now, in addition to having the confidence and portraying the leader you know is inside you, if you have discipline to do the simple things every day, you’ll do fine. Here’s a simple daily action plan that will work for either online or offline to build a network marketing business opportunity:

1. Create 5 relationships/day

2. Show at least 3 presentations per day

3. Write a piece of content every day (blog, article, discussion – only if you’re doing online marketing)

4. Do one presentation per week

If you follow that every single day/week, you will build an empire. Here is exactly where people fall short, and if you fall short here you will fall short everywhere else.

Since you read this blog, you consider yourself a true leader and are half way there! You don’t have to have a team to be a true leader, you don’t even have to be involved with a company yet or know what you’re going to do. Being a leader is not what you’ve done or how many people you’ve signed, it’s a confidence that attracts people and resonates with a future team. I congratulate for you for finishing this blog, now go out and make it happen! πŸ™‚

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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