Attn: Numis Network Reps! How to Rank Advance 10 Times Faster

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This blog today is specifically for numis network reps. If you’re dedicated to truly changing your life and creating 6 figure incomes you need to rank advance! Rank advancing creates the following in  your numis network organization:

1. Momentum

2. Excitement

3. Duplication

4. Technique

Rank advancing is very important, and let’s not forget that you get  more money and more bonuses! Recently Numis Network rolled out a new option that is guaranteed to help you rank advance, get more volume and more money in one tenth of the time!

How to Rank Advance 10 x’s Faster In Numis Network:

Numis Network just rolled out their “perfect 10” set. This set is available to all new Numis Network reps that join for the first 30 days that they start their new business. I will come back to this set in a minute.

In order to understand how the rank advancement works, I’m going to give you an example of how to get from 3 star to 3 star manager the normal way without this cool trick:

Numis Network 3 star = 3 personally enrolled execs –>

Numis Network 3 Star Manager = 4 personally enrolled execs, 2 of those that are 1 stars (have enrolled 1 person) and 1000 PLV4, a.k.a 1000 BV over 4 weeks/1 month.

If you accomplished this the normal way (as you can see from the diagram above) IF you didn’t have one leg built for you, you would need 17 people on your left and 17 people on your right to reach 1000 BV on your lesser leg volume (17 x average of 60 BV per coin). You also need 2 people to go 1 star.

Numis Network 3 Star Manager Using the “perfect 10” Set now offered to newly enrolled execs:

In order to rank advance 10 times faster, you can use this “perfect 10” set that numis network rolled out. The set includes 10 back issue coins that were on autoship for the last 10 months at an average of $90 per coin compared to the regular $109 for members. When someone signs up within the first 30 days they can get this set for $100 off at the price of $899, and it offers 600 BV!

Can every exec that you enroll afford the perfect 10 set? NO it’s optional! BUT it’s an amazing value and has them start off their business with 10 more beautiful coins at a great price. Remember they are getting something of value that they can keep forever,and it’s a way to quickly rank advance that volume, so let’s take a look at how this helps you rank advance within numis network….

Let’s Say Each Exec You Enroll Purchases the Perfect 10 Set Because You Offer it To Them at their Time of Enrollment…

Now you have 1320 PLV4 on your weaker leg from just TWO people rather than 17! Your new reps have a beautiful perfect ten set of silver coins for a great value, and you’ve created larger volume to help you rank advance extremely quickly.

Pretty awesome!

If you have any questions about rank advancing with the perfect 10 set please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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