Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy Take Aways

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Recently I attended Eric Worre’s cold market mastermind event in Las Vegas, and there I saw Brendon Burchard speak. He was absolutely amazing. For those of you that don’t know, Brendon is a big time guy. He is a top internet marketer and has trained thousands of people, including celebrities and multi millionaires on how to reach your highest possible performance.

During Brendon Burchard’s talk he sold a $1000 course called High Performance Academy, and I just started going through it today. It is honestly life changing and wanted to bring some of the take aways from this course to you guys today.

Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy on Happiness:

I loved this section of the academy because I’ve never heard anyone teach this. Brendon argues that there are 4 distinct things in your life and triggers in the brain that create happiness.Brendon Burchard’s whole entire brand is around making people, no matter how successful already, live to their highest potential at a consistent rate. This means being charged and ready for anything life has to offer ALL of the time! Here are four things that will keep you happy and charged up to create the life of your dreams:

1. Novelty

When you are creating new and exciting things in your life, your brain is triggered to release the hormones that make you happy. He suggests going to a new restaurant ever week or learning a new skill every month. At the start of ever month to keep yourself charged and at your highest performance, ask yourself this question: “What new skill can I learn this month?”

For example, the things that I am going to go after this month are tennis lessons, and learning more in depth about the brain and how people think. You will start to see a lot of  my posts about psychology (just like this one) and the way people think.

2. Challenge Yourself

Your brain functions highest when you are challenging yourself. Think of new things that you can do that aren’t as easy as you’d like them to be because believe it or not, hard work is a great source of power and energy. If you make the work fun there’s no stopping what you can accomplish. Push your brain to new capabilities!

3. Creative Expression

Brendon Burchard talks about how if you are not creatively expressing yourself DAILY and consistently, you are losing a part of yourself. Your office, house, accessories, clothes, etc. should be an expression of who you are. When we are caged from creativity our mind suffers. Blogging for example is a great way to express yourself! Other examples include teaching others, home meetings, trainings, videos, articles, etc. Creativity applied to business will totally excel you emotionally and financially!

4. Connection

You need to connect with others to be successful. Who could you connect with today that would help you feel good and bring your business to higher income? When we feel alone it can make us unhappy. There is no one that is truly “alone,” there is always someone out there we can reach out to. If you feel alone, reach out to me! I’d be happy to talk to you and get you back on track!

Ask yourself this important question today: “What could I do with my friend or spouse today that is new, challenging and creative?” If you’ve enjoyed this post please post your feedback on what new challenge you are taking on this month!

P.S – If you don’t have Brendon’s Book you can get it HERE, this is the cheapest place to get it, highly recommended reading


To Your Success!

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