Daily Routine to Have Network Marketing Success Online

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What is the number one reason people don’t reach network marketing success? Many have asked me this question due to the fact that there are millions of people who haven’t had success. Well just to be clear, I blame this on two reasons: #1. Anyone can get into network marketing with very little barrier to entry (so they don’t take it seriously and are hyped into the industry), and #2. People quit too soon because they don’t have a lot invested.

When  you treat your network marketing business like a million dollar business, it’ll become that for you. When you treat it like a hobby, you will receive hobby like income or none at all. Now that I’ve gotten that point out of the way ;), today’s blog is focused on discussing how you can have massive network marketing success through a simple daily routine. Not everyone is meant for this, but if you want to get into online marketing, this is a great way to use the internet as a tool to get leads and also some prospecting tips to make the results fast!

Network Marketing Success Tips:

If you want to be a master recruiter, you need to be extremely disciplined and stick to a daily routine. Here is one that I believe anyone can do and if you don’t see any network marketing success after doing this for a minimum of 30 days, I’d be shocked!

1. Wake up and listen to something motivational

This industry can be frustrating beyond belief, but if you know the end result is completely worth it and you have a mentor motivating you every day, you’ll perform better. Some great audios I recommend are George Zalucki’s Profile of a Champion, or Ray’s “Maintaing Your Power.” Both are great motivators for a morning boost.

2. Produce a good, quality piece of content on network marketing success

Figure out who your target is and write or speak to that person. A piece of content could be a blog, a video or an article. The choice is yours. I say to write it about network marketing success because that is most likely who your target will be. Most likely you will be wanting to write to people that have a network marketing company currently or are looking for one. However, if your target is much different obviously choose a piece of content that will interest the reader.

For Ray and I, blogging is the best possible form of communication. We attribute a majority of our network marketing success to our blog because of all of the high quality leads it generates. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to people that actually WANT to talk to you about your business rather than people that don’t? Well that’s what the internet, specifically a blog, can do for you. However, make sure you follow step three as well and take it into consideration if you want FAST money. Any internet activity you do isn’t fast and won’t work overnight, although there are some tactics you can use to speed up the process.

If you’re excited about how to learn how to be a network marketing success through blogging, register for this webinar on how to be a master blogger: REGISTER HERE

3. Prospect 5-10 people per day, send out two presentations

Prospecting is a word dreaded by most network marketers. Prospecting does not have to be difficult. As most of you know, I’ve built a majority of my organization through facebook, and you can too. If you add this simple act of connecting with a human being 5 times a day and sending out 2 presentations per day, you will speed up your recruiting process. I also highly recommend going to your warm market first, even if you’ve approached them in the past. If you  have a good team and upline you will know what to say and have a great system to send your prospects through.

To Your Success!

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