Don’t Start Your Day Without Reading This Network Marketing Tip!

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I have to attribute today’s blog to my good friend and business partner, Larry Beacham, who provided me with today’s network marketing tip. If you haven’t visited Larry’s blog, I highly recommend doing so at When I saw this network marketing tip I went “YES, that makes so much sense!” It is amazing yet so simple, and I just love the fact that it was put into words in such a step by step way.

Network Marketing Tip: Keep The Pedal Down!

One thing that you’ll hear a lot of network marketers say is to “keep the pedal” down and don’t stop working until you have so much residual income you can’t think straight! VERY good tip, however there’s a little more to it that I hadn’t thought of until today, and am sharing it with you now.

When you start a business in January for example, and you work really hard and consistently in January and February, maybe you get some sign ups in March let’s say. So in March, you decide to slow down because you’re all excited and feel accomplished. Well in April your sign ups decrease because you decided to slow down in March and you can’t understand why.

Here’s Why:

The consistent effort you put forth in January and February got you the sign ups in March, it had nothing to do with the little effort in March. So you must CONTINUALLY do prospecting activities to constantly get sign ups. The momentum builds up over time and creates massive momentum in the long run.

If you decide to take March and April off or do less activity, your sign ups in those months wont’ suffer, but your sign ups in May and June might. So you see this is a network marketing tip that you can’t leave the house without thinking about it! You must constantly be thinking in your mind how many activities you are doing today to build your business.

2nd Network Marketing Tip From Larry:

In case some of you didn’t notice my facebook status, I posted this quote:

“You cannot control results, you can only control activity.”

If activity is the main objective then the results will eventually follow, but results are not something you can control directly. You can manipulate them and mold them into shape, but only by activity. Here is a list of activities that will guarantee results long term and a consistent team in momentum:

1. Connect with at least 5 people per day

2. Get at least 2 presentations out per day

3. Do some passive activity (blogs, articles – only if you’re into internet marketing)

4. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

Do these activities consistently and you will for sure create the momentum in your team that you’re looking for. After you sponsor DO NOT take a break, keep the pedal down as they say and notice what happens. 🙂

To Your Success!

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