Entrepreneur vs. Employee, What’s the Main Difference?

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Today I experienced something that most people go through every day, but just don’t notice and it caused me to write this article on the main differences between the successful entrepreneur and employee.

I tend to run into a lot of people from my “past life” (as I like to call it haha), when I was an employee at a makeup counter, and it’s always the same conversations. I want to share these conversations with you hoping that you’ll recognize the simple switch it that occurs to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Entrepreneur vs. Employee Conversations:

I was Christmas shopping today and of course always want to visit my girls at the makeup counter at Nordstroms that I used to work with. I know how commissioned sales can be in retail so I always try and go there to give them the credit of the sale. I ran into a girl there that I knew and we started having a conversation.

Before I detail the conversation, please know that I see nothing wrong with being an employee. We need employees to survive and some people genuinely enjoy their jobs and I think that’s fantastic! I wish more people enjoyed their jobs, honestly! This post is for those that may hate their jobs and aren’t doing anything about it, or for current network marketers so you understand the steps it takes for someone to make the shift from miserable to successful.

Pay attention to what she says and the difference between me (the entrepreneur), and her (the employee):

Entrepreneur: Hey! How’s it going? I haven’t seen you in forever!

Employee: It’s going ok, same old same, still grinding day to day, how about you? I hear you’re doing really well?!

Entrepreneur: Oh my gosh everything is great! I couldn’t be happier, how’s work going are you guys getting busy over the holidays?

Employee: Sort of, but dealing with the customers is a nightmare sometimes. I need this job but in the mean time I’m looking for something else, I can’t wait to get out of here.  What’s this business I hear you’re doing? I hear it’s going well but I just don’t know if I can do it…

Entrepreneur: It’s going great for me, I can definitely give you some information on it if you’re interested, if not that’s OK too but it might be a nice alternative to working for someone else. The business certainly gave me the strength to get out of here and be happier and more confident, something I know you’ve been looking for.

Employee: Ya, I’ve heard about what you’re doing, but I need a steady income, and I don’t want anyone earning off of me or me earning off of them, it feels wrong. Also, don’t you need money? Well I don’t have any money, but I want more than this place just don’t want to take a risk.

Entrepreneur: Hmm.. ya maybe you’re right this might not be for you. You know I love you as a friend but until you want it badly enough for yourself and are willing to take a little risk to get a huge reward, I can’t help you. The system I use isn’t magic, you simply put in the daily work, and you get the reward that comes with it. If you don’t, you won’t. If you ever decide to try something out of your comfort zone I’ll be here to help you. Let me know if you change your mind.

Employee: Ok Jess, thanks. I really do want more money, time and freedom but I’m just not ready right now. Maybe ask me again next year.

Entrepreneur: Ok, I will 🙂

The Main Difference Between Entrepreneurs and Employee is MINDSET.

Mindset can make or break your financial success. If you noticed in that conversation, I italicized some words that my friend used that signify the mindset of an employee, but it’s not her fault! We’ve been trained our entire lives to think this way and it’s all we know until someone that TRULY cares about us steps in and changes that mentality.

It is your job as an entrepreneur to educate people you care about that there is a better way to live! The salesgirl brought up “steady income” and “people earning off of me,” when in actuality nothing in this economy is stable and you will never make it huge in life if you’re not willing to take risks, both financially and emotionally!

It is funny that most employees don’t think of the corporation as “earning off of them” when in actuality they are earning 99% of the profit on every single thing their employees sell! You can see here how the mentality is different here.

In order to help my friends, I always bring them little motivational CD’s and tapes (even if some of them aren’t ready to hear what they have to say). Some of them have joined me in my business venture and are on their way to retirement, while others are still miserable.

When I go to visit them “next year” because they “might be ready,” I guarantee most of them unfortunately will be in the same position and will not do anything about it. Sounds harsh, but if you stay in your comfort zone and are never willing to trust a friend that wants a better life for you, it will be a tough road.

Prospects sometimes will have this mindset cancer as I like to call it, and it’s our jobs to cure them only IF they are willing to help themselves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on entrepreneur vs. employee mindset, and whatever category you fall into, you now know what you have to do!

To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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