Facebook Marketing, Do’s and Don’t’s

Today I just got completely bombarded with mass facebook messages from people trying to sell me things. When I get messages like this it scares me that people think this actually works?! I always respond in the same way when I get these messages:

“Hey (name), great to connect with you, I’m curious, how is this facebook tactic working for you?”

Most of the time the answer I get back is, “it’s not!” hahaha, cracks me up! Yet people still continue to do it! I want to go over some do’s and don’t’s of facebook with you.

In fact, the tactic I used above is a great way to start to build a relationship with someone on facebook. Once they say “it’s not” I will give them tips on how they can improve their business, which makes me come across as a leader and someone they can follow. Remember, people follow PEOPLE, NOT businesses!


1. Mass message everyone about your business opportunity

2. Post on everyone’s wall about your business telling them to “click here to see the best thing ever!” This tactic is ANNOYING and doesn’t work!

3. Mass chat people in about your business

4. Tag people in a picture they were never in that’s a picture of your business logo or some business event you went to, again ANNOYING


1. Message people that have similar interests as you

2. Create conversation with them and learn more about them (always build the relationship first!)

3. Find out what they like/don’t like about their business

4. Only AFTER you  have built the relationship and started to become a person of value to them can you start the pitch. I highly recommend getting their phone number as well.

Go to the right sidebar of my page and friend me on facebook. If you ask me I will send you some sample conversations of good ways to talk about your business,

To your success!

Jessica Perretti

[email protected]

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