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I’ve been getting a TON of requests to do a facebook training, so once we get back from our Atlantis trip that we won through Numis (YEAY SO EXCITED!!) haha, I will be doing a step by step training video on how to connect with your facebook prospects and have a higher closing ratio, but FIRST I wanted to give you some tips and tid bits before we leave for our trip so you can practice this over the weekend…

What We’ve Been Taught

You’ve probably been taught from previous trainings to find a group on facebook that includes people with an entrepreneurial mindset, find everyone that “likes” that page and start friending and messaging them 10 to 20 times a day.

Just go down the list and start friending and messaging is what we’d say, which is a great tactic! However there’s one big thing that I figured out works much more efficiently and effectively and that’s QUALIFYING YOUR PROSPECTS!

I’ve talked about this in previous trainings and on webinars about phone posture and qualifying people looking for work from home business ideas over the phone, but how about qualifying on facebook?? Pretty awesome right?

What I Do Differently Than Everyone Else

Last week I was coaching one of my boyfriend’s reps on how to do facebook marketing, and I said something that he had never heard me say before! When he brought it to my attention I realized that I was doing something different than everyone else marketing on facebook, and I did’nt even know it!

I thought to myself, I HAVE TO SHARE THIS!!! this could be the missing ingredient to everyone’s problem with not seeing results on facebook! I kept wondering why I was getting massive results and some of my team was lagging behind, since I’ve shared this tip it’s made a huge difference…

Here’s what I’ve been doing differently: when I search for a group on facebook, whether entrepreneurs, robert kiyosaki, jim rohn, etc. I ALWAYS look at the group’s status updates and find people that have commented in a positive manner, because those people are the ones I want to work with!

After I see their positive comment, I send them a message telling them how much I enjoyed their feedback on that group’s page (which I did) and start building the relationship.

As I’ve mentioned before, too many network marketing opportunities and work from home business ideas are shoved down our throat on facebook without the people ACTUALLY taking the time to get to know us! It’s crazy to me! Here’s a way where you can establish a relationship AND move forward to get to know your new friend.

What Is Your Goal?

Your goal, plain and simple, is to make a new friend. If you secretly have the hopes of signing them up in the back of your mind the whole time you’re talking to them (which is normal at first so don’t worry), even over facebook they can tell!

Find out their history, why they got involved in what they’re currently doing, why they love pets, how many members of their family, where they live, etc. (not hard stuff)

And finally, my last piece of advice is to give your prospects time!! If you create excitement and activity about your business in your status updates and through comments and things, they will ask you about your business, but it takes time!

Most of the people I sign up through facebook have come back to me a month or two later, they didn’t join on the spot. The only reason they joined with me and not someone else a month later is because I built that relationship. If you CONSISTENTLY send out messages every day, you start to build a funnel of answering and sending out messages, and eventually, you’ve made so many connections and have so many people looking at the presentation you can’t help but sign a few people a week! πŸ™‚ Isn’t that awesome??

So, Next week after Atlantis I’ll be teaching you guys step by step what I do and showing you some of my messages that I’ve sent out on video, you definitely will want to check that out so you get the full picture of what you should be doing here. Have a great weekend!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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