Give Yourself Permission for Success, What I’ve Learned from Noah St. John Seminar to Apply to Your Business

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This weekend Ray and I are speaking/attending a Noah St. John coaching program. If you don’t know about Noah St. John, he’s a motivational speaker and best selling author of a book called The Secret Code of Success. This is one of the best books Ray and I have ever read, and if you haven’t read it I sincerely recommend picking it up. This book is extremely unique in helping people succeed and get over their emotional blocks in their lives.

One of Noah St. John’s programs is titled “permission to succeed” because it gives you a step by step process to allow yourself to succeed, which is something most of us aren’t doing. If you’re not getting what you’ve wanted out of life or your not taking full advantage of your potential, this post will help.

Today is the first day of the seminar here in Cleveland, OH, my home town :), and I’ve already gotten so much out of it that I couldn’t wait to share.

Noah St. John’s iDream Solution:

Noah St. John uses the acronym DREAM to help you make a path for your life and and take action. The acronym helped me realize some things about my business that I could improve on and some areas in my life that I can improve. Although I’ve been successful in my network marketing and internet marketing businesses, I am always looking to improve because of the amazing “Ah Ha” moments I get out of these seminars. Every time I attend one, I get something new out of it and realize an area I can improve on.

I encourage everyone to attend events whenever possible so you can not only learn some great strategies, but also network the room and meet great people that have the same goals and have like minded thinking.

D = Destination

Destination is the where/when. Noah St. John uses the analogy of his seminar. If he told everyone, “OK, we’re going to have a seminar in Ohio. See you there!” Everyone would ask ok Noah, but where in Ohio and when is it? It’s the same thing as your goals. If you don’t give yourself a specific goal and date of completion, you get the opposite of destination which Noah describes as confusion.

Noah St. John describes how we become confused if our destination is cloudy. If you’re confused about where you’re going and what you’re doing, it’s probably because you don’t have a clear vision.

R = Reason

The Reason is our why. This is pretty self explanatory, but if you don’t have a why the opposite is that you become unmotivated. When you don’t have a specifice reason for doing what you do and have a strong motivation point, the result is you won’t do anything. If you are feeling unmotivated ask yourself if your why is strong enough.

If it’s not strong enough, you have 1 of 2 options. You can either change what you’re doing or really spend some time thinking about your why.

E = Entourage

Your entourage basically means your circle of friends. Your “loving mirrors,” as Noah likes to say, or the people that love you for you and support you, are a main part of your success. Your success doesn’t just come from you, it also comes from who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people who are better than you in marketing, sales, people skills, etc. you can learn from them and in return become better yourself.

A = Actions

Actions are the “what” of the puzzle, NOT the how. A great way to describe this is from the analogy of building a house. When you want to build a house your first question is “how.” But, your how is not as important as the what. The what is, “you need to dig a hole, buy building materials, hire a contractor, etc.”

So many people want to know the how when it’s not nearly as important as the what. There’s a million “how to’s” to digging a hole, but at first you need to know what to do in order to start the hows. Actions are extremely important and you can learn actions or “what to do” from other people or your entourage.

M = Methods – Noah St. John’s final piece of the dream puzzle.

Methods is the how. Noah St. John describes this as the last thing you need to worry about when going for your goals. If you follow the preceding process, the how to’s will just fall into place.

One of the major things I haven’t been doing with my business is making clear, precise goals about where I want to be. A couple of months ago I changed that practice, and began making a firm date in my mind of when I wanted to rank advance with my primary company and what I wanted my income to be. Since I’ve done that I rank advanced 2 times to one of the highest positions in the company (5 star director), and had one of my best months ever.

I highly recommend following these practices and you’ll be amazed at the success that will come your way.


To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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