Happy Gilmore Never Made it in MLM!…

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What MLM was Happy in?

Well, none himself, but there are a ton of “impostor” happy gilmores all over the world that are in MLM. You might even be one yourself, or maybe even have one on your team! They are the people that seem to always keep swinging the club, but never make it in the hole! They are the people that haven’t ever really succeeded in MLM, no matter what network marketing opportunity they try for, and just can’t figure out why.

Who Are These People and Why Can’t They Succeed?

The “impostor” Happy Gilmore’s are those that act in MLM like Happy did in golf! They do something wrong or expect a certain outcome, and when it DOESN’T happen, they scream, yell, get upset and plead with their prospect to get in their business. If the ball doesn’t “go in the hole” so to speak, they can’t handle the rejection and get all upset! Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside these people are so upset with themselves and their prospect, that a lot of times they end up quitting the business! Remember how Happy would throw his club and start cursing every time the ball didn’t do what he wanted? Some treat MLM the same way, they just can’t handle the rejection.

I used to be one of these people, which is why I had completely failed in past companies and business ventures. See, often times when you see a leader, you only see them now and what they’ve become, but forget about where they’ve been and how they got to that successful place in their life.

How To Overcome Your Happy Gilmore Phase:

I always used to “expect” everyone to get into my business, even if I didn’t build a relationship with them and even if they would have been terrible! Let’s face it, some people, no matter what network marketing opportunity they are presented, are simply not fit for MLM success. MLM success comes with positivity and a lot of hard work. Network marketing can be the best industry in the world, however it takes some tough skin to make it through. The ones that make it through and stick with it are the ones who undoubtedly succeed.

Did you know that 95% of people that stick with a network marketing opportunity for over 10 years make at least $1,000,000?

That’s huge! Think about that for a second, is there any other industry out there like that? The point here guys is don’t sweat the small stuff. Some will, some won’t, so what and move on! With consistent time and effort, your network can grow to exponential proportions, and you simply can’t say the wrong thing to the right person!

When someone tells you know, don’t be Happy Gilmore and get enraged and curse publicly lol. They are not the ones you want in your business anyways, and “no” doesn’t mean no forever, it means “not yet.” Remember that and everything will work out to your advantage. People love other people that are busy, and if you show that a “no” doesn’t phase you, and you keep building your business, I PROMISE you they will come back around.

To Your Success!

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