How I Made $650 in 2 minutes on the MLSP Mastermind Retreat

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During the MLSP mastermind retreat in Cancun Mexico, we learned tons of different marketing techniques and internet marketing skills. It was an awesome experience and I was so glad to be a part of it. I walked away from that retreat knowing exactly what I needed to do and how to do it to explode my business.

Next year I highly recommend going if you haven’t already done so, I had some amazing breakthroughs and it was definitely life changing for me. There was one point in particular that was awesome for me, and that’s the point at which I won $650 in a matter of literally 2 minutes.

MLSP Mastermind Retreat Money Game:

Sunday afternoon we played this game called the “money game.” The rules are simple; you have a basket and everyone (at this time about 20 other people) place as much money into the basket as they want to receive. There is no limit and no minimum amount, so everyone through a little bit in and the total ended up being $650!

After you have the money in the basket, Brian, Norbert, and Todd, (the founders of My Lead System Pro, MLSP) told everyone that their job now, was to get up in front of the room and explain why they think they should get the money in 2 minutes or less. After everyone gets up and says why they should get the money, the room will vote and decide whose story they liked the best. That person will get the entire pot of cash! The point of this game is to test your acceptability of money subconsciously.

MLSP Mastermind Retreat, The Stories:

Everyone was really excited and you could just tell that their heads were going nuts trying to find the best story they could possibly tell to get that money. Most people got up there and told stories about how they should get the money and need the money because they will give it to a greater good, or they’ll use it to put back into their business and help others. Most got up there and said they were going to give it away either spiritually or physically in some way. Some people said they needed it for themselves because it will prove to themselves that they can do anything they put their mind to!

There were some unbelievable stories, one woman even cried because it meant so much to her. She said she didn’t need the money but it would symbolize a victory in her mind that she was the best and could do whatever she wanted. I was very moved by her story, I was actually moved by all of their stories. But I was the one that won the pot, and here’s how….

How I Won $650 at the MLSP Retreat in Less Than 2 Min:

First off, after hearing all of those great stories about how MLSP is going to change their life so they’re using the money to put back into their business and so on, I knew I had to go last. If I had gone first everything would have been done and over because everyone would have copied my method. I was moved by the stories, but I knew that this was not going to prove a lesson to anyone and no one really stood out from the crowd.

This is what I said in the MLSP money game to win!:

“Hi everyone, My name’s Jessica Perretti. I want you all to know that I believe in VALUE for MONEY, and with that being said this is what I’m going to do if you give me the money. I have recruited over 50 people in my primary company off of facebook for free, I deserve this money because if you pick me, I will create an exclusive webinar for the people in this room on how I did it, which will not only put money in my pocket, but in your pockets as well!”

And that’s how I did it! Everyone loved it!

Everyone was basically giving a sad story about why they “need” the money and how they are going to give it away, this is not appealing to anyone in the marketplace AT ALL! All of the stories were touching and everyone did a great job speaking, but the lesson here was that this is not a charity competition. This is a competition of marketplace to see who is going to make money and who is not.

All of the leaders gave the feedback that when you say “I need the money” or even “I don’t need the money” it doesn’t resonate with them at all. Coming from a place of “need” is a terrible position in the marketplace. Also, when you don’t have anything to offer for people’s money why would they give it to you?

If you think to yourself when you get some money that you need to give it all away and that you don’t “DESERVE” it, then you have a low acceptability of money and the universe will never give it to you. ESPECIALLY if you say you don’t “need it” or you do “need it.” Half the room was going to give the money away, so the universe says “Ok, you want to give money away? Then why would I give it to you in the first place?” Obviously there’ s nothing wrong with being charitable, giving to charity is a great thing, but it’s not a great thing when your subconscious is telling  you you don’t deserve money and you should give it ALL away!

The lesson learned here was that giving value for money is much more powerful than a sob story. The more value you put out into the marketplace and internet, the more content you create, by default the wealthier you’ll be. Do something you love, whether that’s blogging, video, articles, whatever, but do something you absolutely love and you’ll be rewarded.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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