How to Find the Best Prospects for Numis Network

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Over the past couple of months, my income with Numis Network has sky rocketed due to a few key things that changed with my business center. With this post today I wanted to share with you what some of those were and let you in on the best kept secret when it comes to prospecting for Numis Network.

The Best Prospects for Numis Network:

Before going into what the perfect prospects are, I want to tell a story to instill inΒ  your minds why I am telling you to go in a certain direction.

Perfect Numis Network Prospect Story:

One day I was prospecting like I normally do and ran into a prospect in California (I won’t mention names). He had inquired about Numis Network and wanted to know how it worked, so I sent him the video as usual and scheduled a follow up call. When I first talked with him, he definitely wasn’t ready to sign up and needed more information. He was more analytical than most because of his financial planning profession. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact they make great business associates because the more analytical someone is, usually the longer they stay with you.

That week Ray and I were leaving for a 7 day Numis Network cruise and I wasn’t able to call him back until the following week, but I had asked my good friend and upline, Chris Paraldi, to follow up with him for me to make sure I didn’t miss out on him wanting to sign up. While I was on the cruise, this prospect signed up after talking with Chris.

Side Note on prospecting for numis network: When you have someone more analytical, ALWAYS allow them to do their research. If these people are pushed, they will become skeptical and feel uncomfortable.

So this guy joins and I’m super excited. A couple weeks go by and I see no activity from him. I wasn’t upset and didn’t let it get to me, I just kept prospecting and adding to my team. About a month and a half after this guy signed up, I saw that he became a 3 star in one week!

From then he added 12 more people to his team, all of which are financial planners. Here’s the awesome part about this story, ALL of those reps that this guy added are great at not only recruiting, but coin sales! His team alone has sold over $250,000 in coins, retail, in the past month.

His team has put my PLV4 at over 90,000 and has doubled my binary checks. Awesome stuff!

The Secret Weapon:

I tell you that story so you understand why I think financial planners are a secret weapon in Numis Network prospecting. All that their team is doing is targeting financial planners, and teaching them how to bring up numismatic coins to their clients. They get new reps and coin sales from this method every single week.

These are one of the best prospects you can have. In my opinion, I would make it a point to go out and target financial planners in your daily prospecting, especially if you know any out in Sacramento, CA so they can tap into this guy’s meetings.

This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of with what Numis offers. What other company has people buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in their autoship? If you don’t take advantage of the retailing and selling of coins, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. More than ever people are buying gold and silver so now is the time to capitalize.

I definitely don’t recommend focusing solely on retail sales as it can take away from your recruiting. building a huge residual business through recruiting is extremely important and if you’re smart you can get reps that both recruit and retail.

To Your Success!

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