How to Get Massive Exposure with your Network Marketing Company

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The story of my journey with my network marketing company (numis network) will hopefully give you an idea on how to get massive exposure, therefore accelerating the momentum of your business and your brand.

I used certain stepping stones to get recognized with Numis and I know if you follow these simple rules you’ll succeed in the same way that I have.

My Story About My Network Marketing Company: Numis Network

Before I get to how I joined a network marketing company and got massive exposure, I want to talk a little bit about my background to give you guys an idea of how anyone in the world can follow these steps and be successful, even me! 🙂

I started college at 17 years old and wanted to become a veterinarian. I absolutely loved animals so thought this would be a perfect way to be around them ALL of the time! This was right before the major recession hit in our country, so naturally I had no reservations about going out into the “real world,” getting a job and working for 40 years and retiring with a nice wad of savings. Also, of course, I was hammered by my parents that the best, and safest thing for me to do is get really good grades in college and then follow the traditional corporate plan.

After my second year of college and still being a biology major, the recession hit and I began to realize that things weren’t that safe anymore. I also began to realize that my classes had absolutely nothing to do with real world experiences in business and running a veterinarian’s office. One of the questions I always asked myself is “Ok, let’s say I finish with all of this meaningless chemistry stuff (I hated chemistry) and become a vet FINALLY, how do I market myself? What would I do if I had no customers?” They never taught me this stuff!

I immediately switched my major to marketing and realized I had a real passion for it. I considered myself extremely creative and couldn’t wait to get started! Again, in my last year of college, I realized that I hadn’t learned that many hands on skills to take into the workplace. On top of that, no one was hiring for more than entry level pay and I KNEW my skills and work ethic were worth more than $8 to $10 an hour!

I had a huge problem. No one would hire a marketing major with no experience for a decent salary and I hated working for someone else anyways.

This is the moment I made a decision to take my life into my own hands and a network marketing company fell into my lap…

I was working for an insurance company part time as a receptionist when an amazingly handsome, charming man walked in the door as a marketing expert. His name is Ray Higdon ;). In a way he completely saved me from a life of an employee mentality and feeling like a “victim” my whole life. He believed in me and showed me what it was like to be my own boss, and I am so grateful.

When he introduced me to Numis Network I was so ecstatic! This is what I had been looking for. As someone with absolutely no professional warm market (all of my friends were broke college students), I needed something unique and different that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to share. I found something that I could actually approach my parents’ friends about!

I then realized, I have no experience with a network marketing company! What do I do to make the most of this network marketing business and never have to work in the corporate world ever?

The Steps to get Massive Exposure from Your Network Marketing Company:

Step 1: Do the basics to get started.

When I was out of people to talk to (which didn’t take me a long since my warm market was so small), I went to facebook and learned facebook marketing with just basic prospecting. If you don’t follow the basic, tedious steps of making a list, approaching your warm market, doing meetings, and prospecting every day how can you expect your team to?

There’s a reason every upline on the planet tells you to do these things, it’s because it works!

Step 2: Attend events and get your team to attend events.

Every network marketing company on the planet has major events. If you want the company to start recognizing you and get used to your face, go to them! Obviously the training and networking is invaluable, but so is the amount of exposure you can get. Find the founders and share with them your story. You may inspire them so they remember you.

Step 3: This is the most important step….PRODUCE!

When you produce in your network marketing company major things happen. You start to have everyone, not just the founders, recognize and promote you. People begin to look up to you, follow you and then it becomes easier and easier to get sign ups. The catch to this is that you have to struggle through the basics to get to this point, but once you do you’ll be so happy you did!

I recently hit 5 star director in Numis Network and I’m so excited!

Here’s an example of some exposure I got with the company from the founders…


I am so grateful to have gotten a degree because whether I wanted to admit it or not, it is something no one can take away from me. My team with Numis Network is also something no one can take away from me. I am so excited to keep building and create 10 millionaires by 2016 (that’s my goal). I know I will hit this goal because I have the support around me, and that’s most important.

To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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