How To Get On The Next Numis Network Cruise!

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I came home from the Numis Network cruise yesterday and reflected on how lucky Ray and I are to be a part of an industry so amazing. Not only did I have a fantastic time going to all of the ports and doing some awesome excursions, I also became really close to the Numis Network founders and leaders during this trip. Now that I’m back I miss having fun with them already!

I can’t imagine going back to work after experiencing something like this, so I want to make it a serious goal for myself to get each and every one of you reading this on the next incentive trip Numis Network offers…

#1. Set Your Goals For the Numis Network Trip!

One thing you’ll see me talk about in a ton of videos that corporate made is that you have to set your goal to be on that trip no matter what it takes and never break focus. One awesome thing that Erwin and Eva Mcken do, is when they hear about another Numis Network incentive trip, they immediately rearrange their schedule and book the flights.

Most of us would be pretty scared to go to that extreme, but after they do that what other choice do they have than to win the trip? Now I’m not saying you have to go that far, but it’s just an example of dedication that goes into winning these trips. After you win a Numis Network trip, you get a ton of exposure and also really understand the culture and lifestyle of the company. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your team.

Homework Before the Next Numis Network Incentive Trip:

–As soon as Numis announces the next cruise/vacation, follow these steps:

1. Print out a picture of some beautiful scenery from the trip and post it on your desk so you see it every day

2. Write out a game plan on a piece of paper of how you are going to win (a.k.a what steps are you going to take each and every day to make sure you’re on that trip!)

3. Action, Action, Action – if Action = Results, then Massive Action = Massive Results (learned that from Numis Network Rep Patrick Snow)

Setting your goals is just as important as anything else. How do you know what to do if you don’t know where you’re going? Do not stop until you succeed.

#2. Stay Focused and Disciplined!

If you ask Larry Beacham, Numis Network rep and awesome internet marketer, he will tell you that the #1 mistake networkย  marketers make is being unfocused and not keeping their eyes on the prize.

Remember how in the last homework assignment I had you outline homework that will give you daily actions? You have to do them each and every day and stay disciplined. Here’s an example of some actions we took to win the last trip:

The qualifications were 3 levels deep so it was very hard, especially because some people refused to work. We did the following to make sure we rank advanced our team:

1. Kept recruiting – you’ll always get good eggs and bad eggs, if you don’t continue to add new legs to your team, there is a lack of momentum present and things could die down. Eventually your team will get to a point where it doesn’t matter what you do you just can’t screw it up, and that’s why we love network marketing :).

2. After recruiting someone, go over their goals with them and make sure in their first week they talk with X amount of people depending on how many they’d like to recruit. If they are close by, sit down with them and make calls with them to help them feel more comfortable.

3. Schedule a home meeting/webinar for them. This is optional, but if your prospect is willing it’s a great way to introduce their network marketing business opportunity to their friends/family.

Finally, here’s a video of our trip that Ray created with us. If you haven’t already seen it I thought I’d include it here because it’s a great way to see the highlights of our trip :).

To Your Success!

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