How to Increase Retention in Your Network Marketing Company

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Whether your product is juice, makeup or gold and silver coins, there is a simple step – by – step process for keeping retention strong in  your network marketing company.

This post was inspired by the recent holidays and new years, because I find that there are two things that happen with retention in that time period:

1. volume spikes up to incredible numbers

2. volume decreases because people get lazy

So what do you do to keep steady retention, even at historically lazy times in network marketing history?

Increase Retention in Your Network Marketing Company:

I have a lot of team members that say that what I’ve shared with them has increased their retention by up to 90%! And trust me, these techniques work for any network marketing company and are simple to implement.

1. Hold Weekly Meetings, Webinars or Conference calls

When you get serious about building a team, chances are a majority of them will be from around the country. Even if they are local it always helps to have some kind of weekly “get together” where everyone can stay plugged in. Staying plugged into weekly trainings is key to higher retention. The LAST thing you want your team to feel is all alone in your network marketing company.

A good example of this is our weekly webinars and conference call trainings. Every Tuesday Ray and I have a members only training where we interview different people in our network marketing company that are having success to see what they’re doing. This keeps people involved and learning new things.

2. Be the Example in Your Network Marketing Company:

When you take time off, your team will take time off. This is a pretty obvious step, but just assume that everything good you do will be duplicated 40% of the time, and everything bad that you do will be duplicated 90% of the time. This means you have to be the example for your team and even the entire network marketing company you’re involved with.

Retention comes from the leader being consistent and showing your downline how to take action. If you are on the sponsor and hope program, you will never build a huge business.

3. Consistently Back up Belief in the Product:

We all know that whatever your network marketing company is, you have to have belief in the product in order to promote it. It is our jobs as leaders to spread that belief as much as possible through the rest of the tree.You need to create buzz and excitement about your product and help your downline realize it’s importance.

Here are a few ways to spread belief about the product:

1. Product Demonstration in Meetings/Presentations

When you present your opportunity, use the product for demonstration. Have people feel it, touch it, taste it (if that’s your product), anything to get them involved and sensing what it would be like to have this product all of the time.

2. Spread Fun Facts About Your Network Marketing Company’s Product

Whenever I find out some interesting history about my product or a fun fact, I spread it to my downline or post it on my facebook. No matter what your product is, try finding out something unique about it that will create some excitement.

If you start to implement these strategies and see results, please share them with me at [email protected] and I’d love to write a blog post about you and your experiences :).


To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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