How To: Keyword Strategy: A MUST to getting your online business going!

A lot of people are trying to get their internet marketing going and just don’t know why they’re not seeing results. This is SUCH a common thing that I get from people,

“But Jess, I’m writing blogs, I’m doing articles and videos but I’m not getting any traffic!”

Here’s the problem! If you’re writing blogs, articles and doing videos every day that’s awesome, for sure, but if you’re doing all of that and don’t have it directed towards a specific market then what’s the point? Your goal for all of this “crap” that you learn online is to monetize your traffic!

If you’re blogging about how to make apple sauce (for example) and you don’t have ONE phrase in your blog that says “how to make apple sauce” NO ONE CAN FIND YOU!!! Besides copy writing, keyword strategy is the number one thing you need to understand if you want to be successful online.

I was going through my MLSP backoffice today and looking into marketing my sites and how I could get more traffic. I went through the video tutorials and realized that I had my keyword strategy all wrong!

If you see that a keyword is getting a lot of traffic, like “how to make applesauce” you ALSO need to know how much competition that keyword has on google. The goal is to be under about 50,000 results and then you have a shot at making it on the first page!

If it’s more than 50,000 results, you probably want to find a related keyword and hammer it in all of your content.

How do you find out what the competition is? Well all the top internet marketers use a keyword tool to help them with keyword strategy. If you’re NOT using the right keywords, you might as well not write the content.

An AWESOME SEO secret that a lot of top internet marketers use  is a great, inexpensive tool called  Google Adword Analyzer . I recently just got this and my traffic nearly doubled because I was targeting the RIGHT people!

In a nutshell, Google Adword Analyzer shows you which keywords are searched on the most and what their competition is to show if you EVEN have a chance to dominate on google.

If you don’t use this, you can search on Google for the keyword you think has a lot of searches and see what the competition is. However, you will have no idea if it’s popular and how many people search it per day so I don’t recommend it.

Hope this helps all of you with your keyword strategy,

To your success

Jessica Perretti

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