How to Recruit a Network Marketing Leader Into Your Home Based Business

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On the last post I mentioned how I was at the MLSP (My Lead System Pro) mastermind retreat in Cancun Mexico! It was an absolute blast! If you’re not on my facebook, check it out because I posted a video of me walking on broken glass!

There were so many cool activities like that, walking on broken glass, breaking arrows with our neck, it was unbelievable! Most importantly it taught me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and so can you. The purpose of this post is to impress upon you that anyone can sign a huge network marketing leader, as long as they have their MINDSET right!

Want to recruit a network marketing leader into your home based business? Watch the following videos with Tracey Walker and Adam Chandler to see how exactly what you need to recruit a 6 figure earner….

Crucial Network marketing tip to notice from those videos:

Notice how both of the MLSP and network marketing leaders talked about characteristics rather than “how many people they’ve signed” or “how many people is in their downline?” Leaders want to sign up with people who have the right CHARACTER, not necessarily the numbers. If you act like a leader, you will attract a leader.

If you are not committed to your company/home based business the way you should be, for the long term vision and dedication, then you will never, ever recruit a top producer. You need to have integrity, think big, have a long term vision and be willing to communicate that vision. If you do your mindset training every day and get into a daily personal growth routine, these beliefs will automatically take over your subconscious for the better.

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