How to Rise To the Top of Numis Network in 3 Simple Steps

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Recently I found out that I am the top female recruiter of Numis Network and I am ecstatic! One of the founders told me the news, and it made me really reflect on what I’ve done and how accomplished I felt. It’s an amazing feeling to reach your goals, so I wanted to educate you on a simple strategy to get you to the top of your company and continue to rise the ranks.


3 Simple Steps To Rise to the Top of Numis Network:

Step #1: Use the Numis Network Accelerator!

This a pretty obvious one, but if you haven’t used the accelerator to rise the ranks FAST, then you’re missing out. This package is one of the coolest things numis network has ever put together, and it’s a great deal for your new reps!

If you didn’t know, the accelerator package is 9 back issue coins at a great discounted price, that are available the first 30 days that a rep enrolls. Here are the benefits of adding it to their order:

1. You can rank advance 10x faster, and so can your new rep!

2. The coins are at an extreme discount, at prices that are really hard to find anywhere

3. Their Numis Network coin case will be half filled for better presentation for meetings

4. They’re pretty cool coins

I detail a great way to purchase the coins on one of the Monday Morning Motivation Calls I do for Numis: Click Here to Learn How to Promote the Accelerator Package!

Step #2: Don’t Manage, Recruit Recruit Recruit!

You don’t want to recruit a couple of people and then manage what they do. Of course you want to help them, but if you worry about why people aren’t sponsoring, it’s a waste of time. Recruiting is all about mindset! If you recruit people and guide them on the right path, but they still don’t do anything, it is NORMAL in the industry!

When Numis Network first started, I was constantly trying to help my new recruits. I would call them almost every day asking what I could do and kept offering trainings for their specific needs. Did some of them duplicate? Absolutely! But they would have anyways. The people that go out and do something are leaders and self starters. Again, you should LOVE helping people or you’re in the wrong business, so always help, but don’t babysit! I was babysitting and constantly motivating. If you have to call your recruits and constantly motivate them, you’re wasting your precious recruiting time.

You are looking for people that are motivated on their own and who have leader potential. Your job is to guide them in the right direction and help them get there (discussed in the next step), but NOT to babysit.

A fantastic Numis Network Leader, Dave Lovett, gave Ray and I great advice on what to do to get to $1,000,000 a year. In case you didn’t know, Dave was a huge leader in Amway and was making $700,000 to $800,000 per year. He quit Amway 22 years ago, and STILL gets a 5 figure/month check! His advice was, “When you think you should stop recruiting, sponsoring and training, keep recruiting, sponsoring and training! Dont’ stop just keep the pedal down and keep moving.”

Unfortunately a lot of leaders get to a certain income, and then coast back and stop working because they just want to manage. There is a time when you can do that, but if you’re not at your goal income, DON’T do it!

Step #3: Promote, Promote, Promote!

Once you learn something, definitely share it with your team as training. As soon as I learn something new my first thought is “Oh, I have to share this with the team because this is good stuff!”  But none of us actually know EVERYTHING there is to know about network marketing or more specifically, numis network. Some of the best network marketing and internet marketing trainers in the industry are in Numis network, so how do you get all of that information they possess out to your team?

You must promote events, and you must BE at events! Events are key to your success and the success of your team, plain and simple. I love what founder, Jake Kevorkian, says. He says, “Not everyone that goes to the conventions will go on to make $10,000 per month, but everyone that goes on to make $10,000 per month will have been at the conventions.” The moral of this story is go to events! They train you, pump you up and get you ready for what lies ahead!

Numis Network has a national convention coming up in August in Tampa(login to your backoffice for details). If you’re serious about making 6 figures and want to be at the top of this company, you’ll be there.


If you’re curious about Numis Network, Click HERE


To Your Success!

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