How to Stay Motivated and Consistent with Your Business

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Most people struggle with how to stay motivated with their traditional, OR network marketing business. The reason for this is today there are so many distractions out there it’s hard to stay focused for a longer period of time!

With social media it’s hard to read anyone’s profile or look at anybody’s website without seeing a new product, business or service being shoved in your face! Lately the question of how to stay motivated and focused on your current business is more and more prominent.

Motivation is not something that happens by thinking about money, cars or the big house you’ll have if you just “stick with it.” Motivation to own your own business and stick through the day to day grind comes from a deeper meaning that we’ll talk about here in a second.

How To Stay Motivated and Consistent:

First and foremost, mornings are possibly THE MOST important part of your day. Mornings can make or break your day for your business and your personal life. When you first wake up in the morning what are the phrases you say in your mind? Is it, “Oh geeze another morning and I’ve got to work, blah blah blah complain complain complain?” OR do you say “Today is going to be the best day ever” and set goals in your head of what you want to accomplish for the day.

Chances are you start out the day with negative feelings if you’re not seeing serious results in  your business. That is a sure fire way to attract no money and no customers.

Tips on How to Stay Motivated with Mornings:

1. When you get up, before you open your eyes, say in your mind “today is going to be a great day, best day ever, and this is what I’m going to accomplish. By the end of the day I will have…” and then say what your goals are for the day. This will set the pace for your perfect day ahead.

2. Meditate or work out – Some people like one over the other first thing in the morning, either way the point here is to clear your mind for a jump start to the day. Both release endorphins to get your mindset in the right place.

3. Make a list of goals for the day and don’t stop working until you’ve crossed every single one off your list. As humans when we make lists we love to cross things off. In fact, have you ever done something and then put it on the list afterwards just so you could cross it off right away? Haha so have I, so making a list is more powerful than you know and will keep you from distractions.

Some other Helpful Hints on How to Stay Motivated:

Mornings are by far the most important part of the day to set your business off on the right course, however there are a few more tricks throughout the day that can keep you on the right path.

1. Listen to motivating CD’s every single day. I like Profile of a Champion by George Zalucki, that’s a great one to put in your CD player that will keep you going. Also Ray’s new CD on how to maintain your power (also helps with consistency) is a great one on how to stay motivated…


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2. Eat Healthy. Sounds Cliche but a clear mind works much better and stays much more focused than one that isn’t. Bad foods like burgers, fries and a lack of nutrition can seriously hold back your brain power.

If you do these simple steps, and teach your downline how to stay motivated as well you will create a massive leadership level.

To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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