How to Sustain Your Network Marketing Business over the Holidays

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If you’ve ever been involved in a network marketing business for a few years, or know someone that has, you probably have noticed that there are two things that usually happen over the holidays:

1. Your business starts increasing because people want your product for gifts.


2. Your network marketing  business declines because people get “lazy” from too  much turkey.

Most people experience number 2 because they haven’t been trained properly on how to get passed this network marketing “downtime” we call the holiday season. Last year over Christmas and Thanksgiving my business sky rocketed because of a simple “holiday” formula I followed that kept everything in momentum. If you follow this you will be amazed at the results. If you don’t, your network marketing business will most likely decline and you’ll be disappointed you didn’t listen to me ;).

Sustaining a Network Marketing Business on Holidays:

Step 1: Keep the Consistency!

Sounds simple right? I’m sure everyone’s told you this one thing over and over again. I know that I’ve said this in every single blog post, article, conference call, webinar, or meeting that I do. If you stay consistent it will overpower every other obstacle you have standing in your way.

Unfortunately, the holidays seem to bring out the lazy in us and all we want to do is sit around for a month and a half, eat a bunch of food, sleep a lot and think about what we want our relatives to get us for Christmas! We are ALL guilty of this, and it needs to stop if we want to keep our network marketing business in momentum.

I’m definitely not saying that you should ignore family or relaxation time around the holidays, but I am saying that taking a full month and a half off is not the road heavy hitters take. What happens is we justify our behavior by saying to ourselves, “it’s ok, it’s the holidays I’m supposed to be lazy and not do my daily activities that get me closer to my goals. I’ll take this time off and then be full force right after new years.” If you’re upline is making a lot of money, ask them what their holiday routine is.

Our holiday routine is to work extra hard the month before the holiday and take a week off when Christmas rolls around. It might sound drab and like “too  much work,” but the reality is if you just stay super consistent, EVEN when you don’t feel like it, it’ll pay off in the long run. If you write your blog, make your calls and do your follow ups through the holidays you’ll be much happier.

Step 2: Make The Product in Your Network Marketing Business a Holiday Gift!

This will not work for every business, but for most it will be a piece of cake if you do it right. This tactic works perfectly for my primary company (Numis Network) so I’ve used it many times. If you’re in health and wellness or some type of internet/marketing based network marketing business, this might be more difficult.

When shopping for loved ones around the holidays, why not give them a gift that represents your company? Some people don’t do this out of fear that it seems too “pushy” or “salesy” around the holidays, but if you do this right your family and friends will be coming to YOU to hear more about your network marketing business, not the other way around.

If you have a product that’s great for the holidays, it has these three qualities:

1. It is unique and is hard to find elsewhere

2. It is something that catches people’s eyes

3. It creates an emotional response

For example, If I were to give my family members a forever crystal (a Numis product) it would catch their eye enough to wonder where I got it and would trigger them emotionally. By triggering them emotionally, I mean that they open their gift and have a positive emotional reaction such as, “this makes my heart melt!” Or “I love it! I need more!”

If you give the gift of the product your  network marketing business offers you’re almost guaranteed to have at least one family member or friend ask about where they can get more.

Here’s the catch –> Don’t be Mr. or Mrs. Salesman when giving the gift. Don’t start telling them how great the product is and how if they shop through you they can get it wholesale! Just give them the gift with no expectations and don’t say a word other than when they start asking you about it. That’s it :).

Step 3: Give Your Team an Incentive to Produce!

It’s great if you’re working your network marketing business diligently over the holidays, but what about your team? Most likely some of them are slacking and might need a boost of motivation to get going. If this is the case, offer an incentive!

Last year Ray and I put together a coaching package, along with some audios and books to be given away as a grand prize to the rep that could sign up the most people in a given month.

It doesn’t matter what you put together, as long as you do something to show your productivity and get your team moving! Go to Barnes n Noble, buy some books and audios, think of a contest and get it out to your team right away. Easy and extremely effective.

If you follow these 3 steps you’ll be amazed at the results you get from your network marketing business. Holidays can be the best time for your business or the worst, it’s up to you.


To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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