Active Prospecting: How to talk to people next to you, without being weird!

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I’m really excited about today’s blog because I’ve taken something where a lot of people struggle, and have found a few ways to turn it into a great strength!

Why do people struggle talking “belly to belly?”

A guy in my primary business named Erwin is asked constantly how he duplicates his team so much and brings in so many people per week. This guy was one of SIX that won a trip to the bahamas in Atlantis and came out of nowhere with his “super recruiting!!”

People would say all kinds of things like “Erwin probably brought over a team,” or “Erwin probably is an internet guru…”  … WRONG!!! The reason he is so successful is because he is constantly prospecting and is not afraid to put his business in front of people!

What should I do??

One of my challenges on an earlier blog was to go out and prospect at LEAST 2 people a day, whether we want to admit it or not Network marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business and should be built by active NETWORKING!! Hence the term network marketing!!

Here are some tips to go out and actively prospect without people thinking you’re weird ;)…

Ok so there you have it! Remember, don’t be afraid to go out and share your business! STOP caring what PEOPLE think about you and START caring about your well-being and financial freedom!! Trust me, you put this into practice long enough and you’ll be an unstoppable machine!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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