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So as most of you know I’m here in Orlando for the Real Savvy Success Event for women entrepreneurs. I’m having a blast getting to know all of the speakers and other great women entrepreneurs of our time. A few speakers in particular really impacted me with some of the things that she said and I really couldn’t wait until I got back to share, I had to share it now! 🙂

Real Savvy Success Event Background Stories –

The reason I put this in this blog is because the backgrounds and success stories of the real savvy success speakers are amazing! Some of the most inspirational and amazing stories I’ve ever heard came from this event. One that particularly touched me was the story of Dawn Billings:

Dawn Billings:

Dawn Billings was in Oprah magazine for being one of the top 80 women entrepreneurs in the world. She definitely didn’t start out that way though….

Her upbringing was terrible. Her father was an alcoholic, her mother was conditioned to not succeed and teach her children the same, and they were so poor that they didn’t even have indoor plumbing, they had to use an outhouse. They couldn’t even afford multiple pairs of shoes, and so Dawn had the same pair of shoes for years! Her shoes were so warn that one day when she was in school (she was still a young girl), the ammonia on her shoes was so bad that it started picking up the wax from the floor. Everyone in the class made fun of her and her smelly disgusting feet!

When she ran home to tell her dad what had happened, he told her that she is white trash and will always be white trash. He told her she will never ever succeed and that no one in that family is worth anything. This obviously completely scarred her emotionally, until a teacher (who she recognizes in all of her speeches across the country) took her under her wing and totally changed her mindset. From that point on she decided she was going to something special. Dawn has gone on to create multiple organizations for women in need and is an extremely successful millionaire.

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From Rags to Riches:

There were multiple rags to riches stories at the real savvy success event. Most of the women were going through divorces and had lost everything before really snapping into the business and taking off. Many of them also had failed multiple years before understanding the simplicity of network marketing and then went on to make 6, even 7 figures!

I tell you these stories to impress upon you the reality of success. One major thing I realized this weekend is how much failure, frustration and hard work every single leader went through before success. I’ve been preaching this but it was nice to hear it from other women in the field. Most of them spent years without results! Now, imagine if they had quit all of the lives they wouldn’t have impacted and all of the millionaires they wouldn’t have created. Every time you get frustrated or upset and ready to quit, I want you to remember all of the future millionaires you won’t create and all of the people you won’t impact if you do so.

Real Savvy Success Event Speaker, Dana Collins –

If you don’t know who Dana Collins is, she’s built a huge business sustainable business and has been with the same company for 15 years! She definitely knows how to do what each and every one of us want to do, and that’s build a long term, walk away income business that has leaders all over the country.

After hearing her on stage and talking with her one on one, I got some really good insight about duplication and building solid leaders.

Here are a few key points I learned at the Real Savvy Success Event Dana Collins:

1. Don’t tell people what to do and how to build the business, be in activity with them and show them.

As soon as someone comes into the business, there is a culture that you immediately have to install When you’re in activity with someone rather than telling them what to do, they learn at a deeper level and become independent. It goes back to the old “show” don’t “tell” idea. Here is what Dana does to effectively implement this approach:

1. Goes over their goals/why

2. Spends time taking them through the training process (put into videos)

3. Has them make a list of ALL of their contacts, at least 100 people, and tells them to schedule at least 6 presentations

4. She does the first 2 presentations, then has her new rep do the next two, then hopefully they’ve sponsored someone and the next rep does the next 2 (teach to teach approach). She says if they are not willing to do this then they are not committed.

Real Savvy Success Speaker Diane Hochman:

Diane gave some great points about marketing as a woman who integrates the internet and offline tactics. I got the pleasure of really getting to know Diane and seeing what she was all about, this is an amazing woman who’s accomplished some amazing things.

1. Message to Market Match –> You as an individual are not looking for everyone and anyone to join your business. You are looking for the right people that want to join YOU, not your company but YOU as a leader. Some people will connect with you and some won’t, however branding yourself and knowing who your target market is is extremely important. She calls this a “message to market match,” or in other words market your message to people you WANT specifically, not everyone under the sun.

Ask yourself this major question: Who do you want in your business? Who is your PERFECT prospect? then market from the answers to that question.

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Real Savvy Success Event Speaker Tom Challan:

Recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, and then when you think you’ve recruited enough, recruit some more! Tom really emphasized the fact that no matter what is going on in your business, recruiting will get you out of it. Most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed massively, so if you want to ensure duplication and keep your team in momentum,  you’ve got to keep recruiting.

HUGE takeaway from Real Savvy Success Event: Plan to Get You and Your Team in Huge Momentum:

1. Hit the reset button every day and pretend that today is the first day of your business! regardless of what has happened to you in the past, let it go and move forward each and every day.

2. Sponsor 2-4 people a week, MINIMUM! –> we over complicate this step. Whether you’re buying leads, calling warm/cold market, calling your own leads, networking, WHATEVER system you use to get leads, if you hit the numbers you will sponsor. Your job is just to do 3 things – talk to people, send a video/cd/dvd/etc., and enroll.

3. Have a team training system that they can go through (for our numis team it would be or create your own) and implement team training webinars/calls every week to keep them together as a community.

4. Promote, promote promote! Seriously promote events! I think this is the most important step. If you’re not getting people to events they lose a sense of community and don’t get engaged. To make this business work you have to be ALL in, and there’s some things that leaders at events can give your team that you can’t give them. Invite, enroll, and promote and you’ll build a great business.

That’s it! If you find a system that works for you and you can strongly look people in the eye that have no idea what they’re doing and say, “Just do what I do,” you will have massive success and reach massive momentum.

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Real Savvy Success Event Speaker Paula Pritchard –

For those of you that don’t know, Paula is a HUGE earner in the industry and is highly respected among all network marketers. She has made 7 figures consistently. Her #1 thing that she stressed is numbers and practice.

Hit the numbers over and over day in and day out and you will build a business. If you have a simple script to follow you need to practice it over and over until it becomes second nature and just rolls off your tongue. The DSA says you need to talk to 10 people to get 1 sale, so think of each person you talk to as getting closer and closer to a yes.

You WILL hear a LOT of no’s. Learn to love the no’s because they are a great thing. The more no’s you hear the better, and here’s a great script you can use that’s simple and guaranteed to raise curiosity. Let’s pretend you met someone the other day and want to invite them to a presentation,

Hey Jim, Listen I’ve only got a minute (very important statement), but the other day you told me that you wanted to spend more time with your daughter, were you serious about that or were you just messing around?? (Jim says I was serious) I think I’ve got something for you and want to run an idea past you, i gotta go but would love to show you something with some uninterrupted time, when do you have a minute?”

Real Savvy Success Event Speaker Sanaz Hooman –

She is another great woman that uses both online and offline tactics to build her business. She classified every rep in your business into 8 categories, definitely look at this list and evaluate which category you are so you know how to fix it:

1. Lotto Group – these are the reps that think they just bought a lottery ticket, will sit back and expect to get paid without doing any work. These people will never build a business unless they really put themselves all in and change their mindset, NOTHING comes easily without hard work.

2. Weekend Wonders – These are the people that jump from business to business. They are great smooth talkers and sales people but have 0 solidity. They have no duplication, hardly any training and will not sustain a long term strong business.

3. Slave Driver – This is the group that expects their upline to do everything for them. They are constantly looking for leads/signups and are never responsible for their own actions. You HAVE to realize if you are in this group that you are a business owner, NOT a rep in someone’s downline. Take responsibility and go to work, winners always find a way to make it to the top regardless of what others think or say. Be more independent.

4. Social Group –These are the people that love coming to events and having fun with the people in their team. We absolutely love these people, but unfortunately they’re really not willing to do what it takes to rise the ranks in their company.

5. Sometimer – This is by far the largest group in network marketing. They do their business “sometimes” and “when they feel like it” instead of consistently and with discipline. They are easily distracted, have no plan of action and business is done when it’s convenient. This is the hardest habit to break but needs to be broken!

6. Part Timers – These people almost have it right. They will earn a consistent income and they will become serious/full time however they are not committed to being a trainer or building like/trust with their prospects.

7. Part Time Serious Group – They have it right! 25 hours a week on top of the 40 hours they are working, however they are both excited and exhausted. They haven’t quite figured out the outsourcing part of networking to not have to do as much work, and so they are very close to being full time their business just hasn’t taken off fully yet.

8. Full Time Group – They are committed for at least 5 years or more. They need to make full time income and are willing to do what it takes. They are disciplined, do the simple daily actions day in and day out and they are on their way to making 6 figures. Again remember the outsourcing here or you can run yourself into the ground.

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These are the speakers that really touched and inspired me, although each and every one of them said something to make me really re-evaluate my life and business. None of us use are full potential, and so I am declaring from this point forward I’m going all in. I’m putting my entire self into this business no matter what it takes and going to the top of my company!

To Your Success!

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