I’m Starting to Get MLM Leads, Now What?

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There are millions of pages out there about how to get mlm leads, whether it’s paid or free, but how many of them actually talk about what to do once you’ve gotten the phone numbers? Not many…

One of the scariest things for network marketers is calling their mlm leads and knowing what to say. Not only that, but they start to make up excuses not to call them because they just have no clue what to do next! I’m here to tell you that getting leads is super easy if you’re willing to be consistent.

If subconsciously you feel as if you won’t know what to do with mlm leads once you receive them, you won’t attract anybody to you. You will subconsciously self sabotage your business and let great prospects slip right through your fingers! This is a great formula to transform your prospects from leads to sales…

How to Transfer MLM Leads Into Sales:

What most network marketers don’t realize is that it’s less about WHAT you say and more about HOW you say it when you’re talking to someone. Whenever I call a prospect, they immediately get the impression that I’m not timid and mean business. I’m always extremely nice and caring on the phone, but I want to convey the attitude that YOU inquired about me or my mlm on the phone and I’m just calling you back to find out more about what you want.

Having the Right Attitude With Your MLM Leads:

Ok so you know you have to have the right attitude, but how do you convey that? The best way is to ask questions right from the start. Remember that the person who asks the most questions and talks the LEAST is winning the conversation. You never ever want to allow your mlm leads to take your power.

Here’s some great questions to ask:

1. When you first call say, “I noticed you were looking into one of my online pages, what can I do for you?”

2. Why are you looking into something different?

3. Are you having success in your current MLM? If not why do you think that is?

4. How much do you think not fixing the problem is costing you each year?

5. What has recently changed in your life that you’re open to a home based business?
Honestly, if you’re asking the right questions you will build great rapport with your mlm leads and will segue them right into a possible solution (your network marketing company). Your goal on the first call should ALWAYS be to get them to some type of 3rd party tool, unless they’ve already watched a video/cd/webinar, etc. Then the follow up call is when you get their questions answered and go in for the close…

How to Close Your MLM Leads:

This is simpler than people think. Most network marketers complicate this step because it puts them out of their comfort zone. In actuality you’re doing your mlm leads a favor by bringing them into your business. You’re providing them with awesome leadership, training and an unlimited potential income! Who wouldn’t get excited over that?!

If they’re NOT interested and are negative, NEXT! It’s NOT a big deal, just shrug it off, thank them for their time and move onto the next guy.

If they are interested, this is sometimes scarier than if they’re not because you actually have to learn to close them! Yikes! ;), If this happens simply say something like this:

“Bob, based on what you’re telling me right now it sounds like you’re ready to get started. I can actually take your information over the phone, it takes about 30 seconds and then you’ll be up and running right away! What’s your billing address?”

That’s it! Or you can say something along those lines. If you don’t know how to take applications over the phone or don’t know what information you need, I highly suggest learning or else you will lose about half of your prospects.

Sending mlm leads to the website rarely works because life gets in the way and they forget. I’ve had mlm leads tell me “Ok, I’m going to sign up in 2 minutes I’m on the website RIGHT NOW,” and then I never hear from them again, it’s just the name of the game. Always take a paper application unless the person feels uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts to Close Your MLM Leads:

Always stay in posture. What that means is no matter how negative someone is or how many questions they have, never lose your power over the conversation. If someone is drilling you with questions and calling your business a “pyramid,” they are just testing you. Most people don’t even know what a pyramid is so just keep your posture and keep asking THEM the questions.

The only way to get better at talking to your MLM leads and closing them is with practice. You will not get it right the first time,  or the second, or the third, in fact it will probably take you about 10 to 15 phone calls to feel like you’re finally getting the hang of it and that’s OK! Everyone started out the same way :).


To Your Success!

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