Important Update from MLSP Retreat: Are you miserable yet comfortable being mediocre?

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This weekend as most of you know I’ve been in Mexico for a My Lead System Pro (MLSP) online home based business retreat. I write this blog post as I look over the private pool and beautiful ocean in the villa that the company rented, and I think to myself that I just can’t wait to get some of this great content to you guys right away!

There are some of the best network marketers/internet marketers in the world here, all sharing their steps to success and what’s going on in their heads. Can you guys imagine how powerful that is? That is why I couldn’t wait until I got back to my own computer and fast internet access to share this with you ;). I want you guys to take this and start implementing it NOW. N-O-W! I am constantly looking for ways to improve the training I give so I can provide the best value possible and really get you to understand why coming to events is so important.

Before I get into this let me just say that if you want to have an online home based business empire, coming to events like these or in your primary company is an absolute MUST. By coming to events, you create community, learn all different techniques and tactics, pick the brains of the leaders, but most importantly you get your mindset to the place it needs to be.

MLSP Leader Rob Fore: Are you miserable yet comfortable being mediocre?

What a powerful statement. So many of us stay in our comfort zone for such a long time and never manage to get out of it. It takes a tremendous amount of personal growth to fully reach our true potential. Ask yourself this question and then ask yourself if you see yourself as a leader.

Do you think you would sign up with you?

What type of people are you attracting at this time? Do you have confidence? Are you confident and postured on the phone?

Do you even call your leads?

Are you getting online home based business leads at all?

Ask yourself these questions, but don’t beat yourself up, just fix it! You are so powerful and unbelievable. If you’re comfortable being mediocre and not making the money you deserve it’s OK, MOST PEOPLE, actually EVERYONE started at this point. Rob was very clear on how much of a learning process it is and how you have to do your personal development every single day. If you think it’s not important, you’re wrong! Every single leader speaking here is very clear that they would not be where they are without personal development, so please take the following very seriously:

Daily Routine Guaranteed to Make You Money, A lot of it! 😉

Ray Higdon, my amazing fiance, spoke on daily routine and I am being very honest when I say that we both do this every single day. It will make you money if you follow it…

Daily Routine to Have a Huge Offline and Online Home Business:

1. Write a piece of content every day (article, blog, video) –> Make SURE that this is something you want people to know and it has a ton of value.

2. Affirmations – Or Afformations (written by Noah St. John in Secret Code of Success, definitely recommend the book)

3. 30 minutes of studying marketing

4. 30 minutes of personal growth/mindset

5. MOST IMPORTANT – prospect 20 people a day/make a connection

That’s a perfect daily routine. The more you do the more money you make. A.K.A the more value you provide and content you give the more money you’ll make. There are tricks that MLSP teaches to monetize these situations and to truly take your business to the next level, but these are the basics that you really need to master.

One last point before I get back to the awesome training here. I kept this blog short because I don’t want to miss any training, but I wanted to get this out so you can start NOW.

Last point (but I promise I will be giving you secrets on how to monetize your blogs and sponsor more reps in the next post):

This weekend we walked across broken glass! We proved to ourselves that the human body and mind can do absolutely anything (video on this to come ;)). To build a huge online home based business (which is the main focus of MLSP) you need to have discipline and have such a strong vision that it’s pushing you to do the daily routine every single day.


To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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