It’s OK to be a Piece of Meat!

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How many of us have gone to a networking function, only to feel like we were a piece of meat and had been pitched a million times?!

Everyone is running up to you, throwing you their card that say “I am a coach and teach people to work from home while increasing their financial, spiritual, and physical health” while you think to yourself, “What the H#%ll does that mean??”

I know almost every time I used to go to a networking function/business get together or whatever, I seriously just wanted to hide in the bathroom and never come out until it was all over! I went because I knew it would help my business, (after all it’s about relationships right?) but I never really did what I was supposed to do because I was sooo warn out by people pitching me their network marketing opportunity!

We all have been through it, and no matter what the latest greatest work from home business ideas are, there’s one sure fire way to make sure you stand out and don’t look like every other “salesy” person in the room:

How to Stand Out…


“But Jess! The reason I go to networking functions is to get my business out there and let people know what I do! Why WOULDN’T I pitch them??”

I get this question ALL of the time! Trust me, It’s OK to be a piece of meat and let people pitch you, just don’t pitch them! Naturally they are going to ask you what your network marketing opportunity is or what you do, and your response should be nothing more than a few sentences, and then tell them if they want to check it out you have some online videos. After that, just let them keep talking and ask them questions.

So What’s Your Job at a Networking Function??

Your job is to build relationships! That’s it! People are shocked when I tell them I don’t carry business cards to a networking function, you know why? Because even if I hand them out no one will follow up with me anyways!

YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW UP WITH THEM! When someone asks me for my business card I say, “You know, I didn’t bring any with me (I’m not here to pitch) but I would love to get YOUR information, do you have a card?” I tell them I’ll email or call them and the rest is history. Just build a solid relationship, remember the things you talked about and follow up with the person later, see if they’re open to looking at something else. That’s it!

We always try to make things more complicated then they are. Trust me, when I first got started I was absolutely terrible, now that I’ve practiced and learned from experience, I’ve noticed that the one true way to build is to say a little to a lot of people. If we continually build relationships and are constantly talking to people, you’ll be amazed at where your business can go :).

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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