Jess’s 7 Day Challenge: DAY 3! Why people AREN’T following you!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now on day 3 and made it this far! It’s been a HUGE struggle and challenge for me to make these videos but I’m getting through it and going for the entire week! Great job to all of you that are going out there and making it happen, you are ahead of 90% of most!

Today I really experienced a lot of spamming and salesmen on my facebook so I wanted to take the time to write about how to really, truly get people to follow you and increase your network marketing traffic!

A TON of people come to me as an internet marketer and say,

“Jess, Why can’t I get people into my business on social media??? I post things on their wall, I invite them to my events, I tag them in pictures with my wonderful product, I talk to so many people WHY isn’t this working??!”

I say it’s not working because they don’t know who you are. They don’t follow you or have a relationship with you so therefore why would they join your business?

All too often I see people mass messaging about their business and posting on people’s walls, this is NOT the way to go! Why am I a successful internet and network marketer?? Here’s my SECRET FORMULA:

I build CONNECTIONS with people!! It’s that simple! I send out messages EVERY DAY on facebook with SIMPLY the intention of making a friend! I don’t even talk about my business unless they ask and I find out more about that person. If those people don’t join your business what’s the big deal?? AT LEAST you made a friend!!

Guess what? EVENTUALLY some of those people WILL join your business, but most won’t. You have to be OK with that to make it in this business. People don’t follow businesses, they follow PEOPLE!

So be yourself, build that connection and see where it takes you. People follow me and my content because they feel like they know me and have a relationship with me, a lot of them have eventually bought from me and the best part of it all is that I’ve made thousands of new friends since I’ve become an internet marketer!

Hope this helps, thanks for staying tuned for Day three and I’ll see you all on Day four!

To your success,

Jessica Perretti

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