Jess’s 7 Day Challenge: DAY 6! Should We All Just SHAVE??

Hey guys,

I know you’re probably all wondering what the heck I’m talking about in the title of this article, The video below will definitely explain, but here’s a little hint:

I’ve gotten a lot of people that complain to me about how they’re just NOT seeing the results they should with their businesses and ask me what to do,

I tell them to make a fresh start and STOP treating their business like a hobby and START treating it like a million dollar business.

Instead of getting everyone and anyone to join your business, why don’t you ask them qualification questions to see if they are even WORTHY of working with you?? You have to condition and freshly start over your belief system that you are “just trying to make this work.” Instead of “just trying to make this work,” treat this like the business you know it will be and MAKE IT! You are men and women in networking hungry to see results, so let’s just do it.

If someone is looking to make easy money and doesn’t want to work hard, they will NOT, I guarantee you, make it into my business. I qualify all of my leads and make sure they are the type that won’t quit on me, so make sure you do the same ;).


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