Jess’s seven day challenge: I was afraid to announce this publicly…

For most of my internet career I have been known as a blogger, article marketer and networking coach. Every time I write something in my blog I feel like I’m giving the world a piece of the knowledge I have to offer that has made me successful! I could write blogs, articles, social media bits and press releases ALL day if I wanted to because I enjoy it, it’s safe to me and I feel like I’m giving back…

so what’s my weakness??

VIDEOS! I have never publicly announced this before but I HATE doing videos and have a huge fear of the camera! I could be offering people more of myself and showing them who Jessica Perretti REALLY is through video marketing but I choose not to because I have so much fear when it comes to videos.

I LOVE people and talk with my team every day, but for some reason when I turn on the camera my palms get sweaty, my heart starts racing and I choke up and can hardly speak.


My question to you is what is holding YOU back?? What scares YOU more than anything that could explode your career but fear is in your way??

I want all of you reading this blog and watching this video to take my SEVEN DAY CHALLENGE and do whatever it takes to go for something you were scared to do!

Whether it’s a video, blogging to people, calling your prospects, WHATEVER YOUR weakness is I want you all to do that exact thing for one week (seven days in a row) and see how your business changes!

I will be posting a video a day for seven days this week to help me get over my fear of the camera. I am doing this with you guys! If I can do it, I have serious faith that all of you can too!

Let me know how this blog/video affected your business/social life and comment below. I LOVE to hear feedback and I need all of YOUR guys help and encouragement,

To your success!

Jessica Perretti

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