Men Vs. Women in Network Marketing Companies

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One thing that I’ve noticed after coaching hundreds of network marketers, is that in all network marketing companies men believe it’s harder to approach women, and women believe it’s harder to approach men. If you find it difficult to approach someone of the opposite sex this is definitely the article for you.

Maybe you’re just curious about the differences between men and women when prospecting, and either way knowing how to approach the opposite sex is key since men and women think completely differently!

Approaching Men for Network Marketing Companies:

Both men and women have different personalities so this is not always the case, but in general if you understand the way they think you will do much better in your prospecting. There are always exceptions to these personality traits and it also depends on the different network marketing companies that you’re a part of. If you’re in Arbonne you might not want to target men, at the same time if you’re in a Men’s shaving cream MLM maybe women aren’t your best prospects. But, if you have a company that has a mixture of men and women distributors, you’ll want to know how to approach each sex.

Men in Network Marketing Companies Usually Have These Characteristics:

1. Aggresive

2. Motivated by Money and/or Financial Freedom

3. Ego Driven (this can be a good or bad thing, but most of the time having a little ego is a great characteristic to have in your business so look at this positively)

4. Confident

5. Love a challenge

Men in network marketing companies usually love to be challenged by their fellow distributors and need some type of aggressive personality to push them in the right direction. This is true for when you’re first prospecting them, or if they are a rep already in your business that needs some coaching.

As women, we tend to love talking and long conversation, most men (not all) want concise direction and for things to be to the point. Unfortunately, a lot of times women have to prove themselves as business professionals when prospecting men they don’t know, so making sure you sound confident and letting them know “you mean business” is key.

We all  have different personalities and some of us might not have an aggressive one, that’s OK. You can sound confident and challenge a man without needing to be aggressive. Asking a lot of questions and really qualifying is a great tactic to use here. If you know what you want and aren’t afraid to qualify for it, you are much more likely to sign up a man.

Men are great assets in your business. They dominate the high income bracket population in network marketing companies and are wonderful presenters. The part they will need help with is learning to be coachable and not reinventing the wheel.

Approaching Women in Network Marketing Companies:

Women have personalities all across the board as do men, but these general characteristics and approaches should work for basic prospecting. Sometimes even women have to prove to OTHER WOMEN that they “mean business” and so much of the approach is similar. Because men have been the dominant worker for a long time in our society, sometimes we have to go the extra mile as women to prove our professionalism.

Did you know that women make up most of the population in network marketing companies? Yet somehow men dominate the high income earner bracket. Why is this? Well I don’t have all the answers, but I believe one big issue with women is confidence. I know that confidence was my biggest issue starting out in my business that I had to overcome. I truly believe that if women would work on self image and confidence problems each and every day, we would DOMINATE the network marketing industry times ten!

Women in Network Marketing Companies Usually Have These Characteristics:

1. Extremely helpful/Great trainers

2. Finacial Freedom and “Fun” Driven (love the idea of staying home with family and love trip incentives).

3. Social — love to network so why not network for profit?

4. Learn quickly and easily

5. Non-aggressive

Women are great networkers and also great trainers. They truly care about their team and want to help each and every person get to their goals. Men do as well for sure, but women take on their team as a personal challenge. They take everything they do in their business personally and to the heart.

A great way to approach a woman is with confidence and “authority” so that she feels she has a guide she can turn to, but also transferring that confidence to her without being aggressive. In other words, (this will work with all network marketing companies), let her know that she has a strong motivator and coach, and transfer that strong confidence into her mind so that she feels she can do this with your help and training.

Women are the best networkers as I mentioned before and therefore a huge asset to have on your team. The part they will need help with is usually confidence and support.

I as a woman, absolutely love working with other women in my business. They are fun, easy to coach and will follow direction to a tee to produce great results. When women step into a leadership role I am so ecstatic because they are absolutely awesome leaders. Men are also fantastic to work with. When they find a way that works for them, they run with it and truly step into a leadership role. When men know what they want they go after it and make things happen. Both sexes are extremely important in their different roles. If you want to approach both men and women follow these suggestions and you’ll be a master!

To Your Success!

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