MLM Prospecting Adventures for the 90 Day Blitz

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We all know that mlm prospecting has it’s good days and it’s bad days. This past Monday my team and company started a 90 day blitz. We have been working non stop making 100-150 mlm prospecting calls a day, sending out facebook messages, cold calling, calling the existing team to get pumped up, and doing three way calls for the team in order to create a new rank advance every day.

So far it’s been extremely successful, but there have been some bumps in the road that I wanted to talk about today and share my experiences.

MLM Prospecting Experiences for the 90 Day Blitz:

So far, I have had some interesting conversations with people that I think would be funny to share. I’m sharing these conversations not only for entertainment value, but also to show that we all go through ups and downs, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way it’s ok!

In order to show how dedicated I am to our team and our 90 days of serious work, I bought some leads to test them out and I will be relaying back to the team whether they are worth calling or not. I have also been calling online leads, cold calling, calling warm market and facebook prospecting (my specialty) and was shocked at some of the results!

Conversations while mlm prospecting for the 90 day blitz:

For confidentiality purposes I am not going to use anyone’s real name, so I will give them nicknames:

Conversation #1 with “I Love Complaining and Am Frustrated with Life Guy:”

This guy came from a bought lead program and I knew I was in trouble when the oh so lovely “who’s this” was said in a raspy tone when I asked for his name. The script I’ve been using for these leads has been simple: “Hey there, my name’s Jessica Higdon and I was responding toΒ  your request about learning more information on working from home, I just wanted to see if that was something you were serious about and how I can help you?”

The intro is pretty straight forward when it comes to mlm prospecting. He responds with “I’ve spent $300 and the last woman I talked to was rude and kept talking over me. You’re not like that are you??” At this point I wasn’t sure if his tone was necessarily hostile or if he was genuinely looking for something but the last prospector didn’t know how to handle herself. I asked him a few questions and told him there’s no need for me to talk over him just wanted to see if this is a fit or not. I explained a little about myself after asking him questions, and immediately he starts complaining after I offer to send him the video:

“I’ve watched 3 videos and spent $300! Just tell me what it is so I don’t get scammed!”

My response to this? –> “If you know anyone that wants to make an extra $500 a week, let me know, otherwise I don’t think what we do is a fit for you, have a great day.”

I could hear him in the background as I hung up the phone saying “wait…..” because he wanted to make that $500 a week, but I don’t want to work with someone like him in my business so I’m not wasting my time. This conversation took about 2 minutes. With this mlm prospecting session Ray and I are going strictly for speed and numbers.

Conversation #2 with “I give away my personality in my voicemail guy:”

I’ll make this description short and sweet just like the call. I called a guy from a google search on financial planners and got his voicemail. This is what it said:

“Hi, you’ve reached (name), I can’t come to the phone right now but leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you………. MAYBE!”

I did leave a voicemail but I didn’t have any intention of answering his call if he called back. Doesn’t really sound like someone I want to work with.

MLM prospecting Conversation #3 with “I answer questions with only one word girl:”

This girl was a hard one. Have you ever been prospecting for your mlm and the prospect just doesn’t engage in conversation and you have a disconnect? That was this conversation (and I had many of them). She would ONLY answer my questions “YES” or “NO” so I finally had to stop asking yes or no questions and start asking things like “How long have you been unemployed?” “What’s recently changed in your life to have you looking at a home business?”

I started to get a conversation out of her, opened her up a little bit and eventually got a confirmation to send out a video. I never spend more than 3 to 4 minutes on the phone with someone, but if they are givingΒ  you a hard time with conversation like this girl was, start asking different questions! I eventually got out of her that she is having a baby and is scared to death she won’t be able to provide for him. That’s a huge why and you never know who is going to build a million dollar business.

MLM prospecting Success Stories:

So those were the not-so-good conversations, but I did have some really great ones. In the past 4 days I’ve talked to 500 people, I’ve talked to 110 of them, gotten out 30 videos and signed up 6 people, 3 out of those have gone silver eagle (signed up at least 2 people themselves) and 2 have bought accelerators.

When you are doing the right things every day and fully concentrating on your mlm prospecting vs. other things that don’t make you money, it’s amazing the quality of people you attract. From those leads I was calling I had a guy who sells cutco knives that I’m calling back today, and I have a feeling in my gut that he’ll sign up. Out of the hundreds that won’t return my phone calls and were nasty to me on the phone, there were a select few that I know are “good eggs” and we can mentor them to become massive successes. That’s all I’m looking for and I hope with this blog today you realize if you’re doing a 90 day blitz it’s about having fun with it, and getting that much closer to the yes’s with each no! πŸ™‚

To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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