MLM Training for Duplication, Why Some Do and Some Don’t

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There are many MLM training blogs and articles out there that talk about how to sponsor, how to get leads, etc. What happens after you’ve sponsored someone and you now have to help them with their business?

I firmly believe that duplication is the best mlm training you can possibly give someone. Duplication is why we do this business. Who wants to work really hard for 40 years and have nothing to show for it after you stop working? I would much rather work really hard once, and have leaders in place so that my checks keep going and going like the energizer bunny :).

Duplication is easy when you know how to approach it properly.

MLM Training For Your Reps:

Personality Traits:

When you’re in a network marketing company for years, you meet all kinds of different people. The personalities you come into contact with are endless. There are so many different types of people out there how can you keep track of who does what best?

In order to do the proper mlm training with your team, you need to understand their different personality types. A lot of mlm gurus say you have to understand personalities to get them into your business and understand the way they think. This is DEFINITELY true, but when it comes to the duplication part of things, you need to understand the personality for one specific purpose: to know if they are the type of person that will waste your time, or if they really are serious about building a business!

When you are building a large team, your time is extremely valuable as your time management will dictate your success. You will come into contact with A LOT of time wasters, a.k.a people that talk about all the great things they’re going to do, and then never do them. I’m sure you’ve heard Ray talk about how “you can’t push a rope,” and that is very true with mlm.

With certain people you need to recognize that no matter how hard you try, you can’t make them do what they need to do to build a huge business. Here are some traits that “time wasters” possess:

1. During the mlm training process, they over commit and talk a ton about their action plans, and then you don’t see any action. (e.g – talk to 50 people per day).

This is not a realistic expectation and I will tell my rep this if they give me this response. Clearly they have not spent a lot of time weighing their time per day and how many people they can realistically talk to on a consistent basis. If this happens, don’t be afraid to tell your rep that if they are not going to follow the program and system that’s proven to work, they are wasting their time and yours.

2. They are complainers

This seems like an obvious one, but a lot of times you’ll see complainers do it sneakily where you wouldn’t necessarily recognize it. For example, they email you about spill over or about how their prospects in their area are not ready for this business. These seem like legitimate problems, but in reality these are just excuses that need to be brought up in your mlm training.

These are the two most obvious ones, but if someone is taking away too much of your time, focus on the people that are legitimately working hard to make things happen, not on the people who are struggling to take action.

Focus on Producers

This is a common misconception. Most people want to help the people that are struggling and not building a business, vs. focusing your time and energy on people that are. Producers are where you want to spend a majority of your time.

Obviously if someone reaches out to you make sure you help them, but if you have a leader, focus on how you can sky rocket their team and how you can teach their people to do the same. When you reach below the leader and help his/her people, then the leader will get pumped up and produce even more.

Create a Duplication System

When Ray and I recruit a new rep, we immediately send them to our mlm training page and tell them to go through the steps. These steps consist of video tutorials of all the questions a new person might have about our network marketing business and how to build.

Since we have this training in place, all of our downline, not just our personal sign ups, can use this for their teams as well. This creates a massive line of duplication and everyone working in unison. If you do not have a step by step process set up in your company or with your leaders, you should definitely correct this right away. People want step by step mlm training and leadership that will duplicate.



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