3 Tips to Easily Get More Home Based Business Leads That Most Companies Won’t Tell You!

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The #1 thing most network marketers struggle with is how to get more home based business leads that eventually convert into sales and make a ton of money! Leads are critically important, whether online or offline, because they build a list of contacts that is invaluable. We use leads not only to build a huge downline, but also to create a list that we OWN in order to create long-term relationships and leverage for future sales.

Common Mistake Made With Home Based Business Leads:

Most network marketers search online and buy any home based business leads they find by the hundreds or even thousands, spend thousands of dollars, only to find out that the leads were 2 years old, are completely broke and have no want or desire for more in their lives. I know a TON of network marketers that have tried to do this only to get discouraged and frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong, A LOT of network marketers have made tons of money by buying home based business leads, but most of them did it through a co-op or a long time ago when things were a little bit different. Today, people are used to being hit over the head a million times over with advertisements and bad network marketing pitches, so it’s becoming harder and harder to create a decent list through just buying it.

So what’s the alternative to buying home based business leads?

Why not create them?! When you create your own list and own leads, rather than buy them from someone else who created them, you create a relationship, a brand, and a following that will last for a long long time. It takes some time to get it rolling, but in the long run it saves you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours on phone calls to people who have no idea who you are.

Imagine people calling YOU because they want to work with you! They know who you are, they love your training/content, and they’re dying to get into whatever home based business you’re a part of no matter what it is. This is what these three tips are about and why most home based business leads companies won’t tell you about them.

3 Tips to Easily Get More Home Based Business Leads:

Tip #1: Home Based Business Leads Through Content:

Most of my sign ups come from people seeking me out now. It didn’t used to be like that, it used to be that I prospected every single day (one of the best ways to build a foundation team) and did my content creation in the background. Now, over a period of about a year, things have changed and I’m leveraging my content and name to get more home based business leads.

Content creation is the number one way to get followers online. (By the way, if you’re looking for way to get 50 leads per day through both online and offline tactics, look at this webinar).

So what do I mean by content creation? If you want to expand into online marketing and create leads instead of buying them, you simply  have to create content on different personal sites that people can follow. If you do this every day, you can’t HELP but get leads. Content includes an article, video, blog, etc. MLSP (MLM lead system pro or My lead system pro) is a step by step system that teaches you how to do this and how to promote it if you’re serious about your internet business. Click the Link to see what 6 and 7 figure earners think about MLSP.

Tip #2: Home Based Business Leads Through Social Media

Social media is a fast growing trend that has hundreds of millions of people actively engaged for hours and visiting every day. It is one of the most powerful sources of traffic right now. If you’re not taking advantage of this to get more home based business leads, you’re basically turning your back on hundreds of sign ups.

Social media is the ultimate guide to attraction marketing. By posting pics, creating fan pages, enticing statuses, etc. we are literally attracting thousands to look us up.

DO NOT SPAM FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, or you will NEVER attract anyone to join your business. A lot of people are “daily spammers” that post their links all over people’s walls and never build any relationships. If you want to guarantee being broke, follow those tactics until you have no friends left.

If you want to create true wealth and a true following, post things that make people seek you out. Add pictures that are fun and exciting or create a certain “lifestyle” in the minds of your viewers. Show your family, your friends, your life, (keep it clean ;)). I’ve created a TON of signups through social media free advertising.

Tip #3: Home Based Business Leads Through Warm Market:

Oh NO! Warm market! Most of us try to stay away from this category because we think it means friends and family. The truth is even if you don’t have a warm marketing right now, you can create one! It is a much better use of your time to go out and prospect/build relationships with new people rather than buy leads and call them.

When you buy home based business leads, you have no rapport with those people and they will dismiss you like a used sock. If you’re too scared to talk to your warm market, most of the top earners will just do that for you. My suggestion to you is to mix this tactic with the online tactics mentioned in Tip #1 and Tip #2 to really create a huge business.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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