My big “Ah Ha!” Moment today…

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My Ah Ha Moment!

A lot of times I’ll be sitting back and thinking about what my team for my network marketing opportunity would want to know about network marketing or internet marketing, and then put it into a blog post. Today I was thinking about it and realized that I should be taking my experiences rather than thinking of topics off the top of my head.

There are so many things that I’ve encountered in this industry that I could share, so many experiences I’ve had, and rather than talk about the fundamentals of “keywords” today and the “problem with most network marketers,” or “work from home business ideas,” I want to tell you guys about an experience I had, and how I handled it, maybe it will help and I’m almost POSITIVE that most of you have run into people like this…

What Happened Today…

I was walking outside to take the garbage out, and my neighbor came out of her house, saw the car in our driveway with the “Numis Network” sticker on the back and asked, “Hey Jess, What’s this Numis Network all about?? I noticed that you guys are home all of the time and that you work from home, what on earth do you guys do??”

I told her what I tell everyone else when they ask me about my business, “I’ll give you a quick video that you can watch that goes over what we’re all about, if you like it great I’d be happy to answer your questions, if not no big deal. How soon can you watch it?”

She told me she’d watch it right now, so I told her I’d pop back in to her house (since we’re neighbors) and see what she liked about it a little later. She said OK…

Here’s the worst part…

I came back about an hour later, knocked on the door, she answered and she said she had watched the video. Surprised and relieved that she had watched it already and I wasn’t wasting my time, I asked her what she thought. She said it was very interesting, that she liked gold and silver and wanted in

“GREAT!” I said, then I took her information, sent her some training videos and went on my way. Sounds great right?

Well, an hour afterwards she calls me, says her husband is mad at her and she has to cancel right away!!BUMMER!

What do most people do in this situation?

Most people FREAK OUT! They start talking about how awesome the opportunity is, how she shouldn’t cancel, how everyone is going to make a ton of money and if she cancels now she’ll be BROKE! LOL,

The reality is that a lot of us get the “spouse objection” and don’t know how to handle it. I get this one all of the time, maybe not to this extreme, but almost 9 out of 10 times the prospect needs to talk to their husband/wife first.

Here’s What I say…

This is what I told her, very calmly and confidently,

“I understand, Here’s what I would love to do and you tell me if this works for you guys, OK? You want to make this work don’t you? (Yes she says but my husband is upset) OK… Then let’s try and make it work, I know plenty of wives that do this on their own, but I understand your respect for your husband. How about this, why don’t you let us talk with him and explain things to him, he’s probably just upset because he doesn’t understand why you spent money. If after that he still wants you to cancel and you want to respect his wishes, then fine, but how about we fight for your financial freedom and not just let this opportunity end right here?”

OK, she said, we talked to her husband and they stayed in our network marketing opportunity! This is just one way to handle this objection, but I thought it was very important to share with you as most people don’t know how to get over this one.

If you have any questions or want to know more work from home business ideas, feel free to give me a call or email me :).

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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