My weird experience yesterday… Handle objections, without fail!

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Yesterday I was talking with someone in my business, and we were talking back and forth about what objections he was getting and how to handle them. Objections can be one of the biggest reasons why most people wont’ call their leads (which is crazy!!) so I figured, OK if I go over all of his objections with him he wont’ be scared any more right??

As we were going through the motions, he would say an objection regarding our network marketing opportunity and I would give him my response, I noticed something very interesting, and HAD to share it!

Something Weird Happened…

As I was handling his “fake objections,” I noticed that he was throwing objections at me that I had never heard of before!! Wow, this is weird, how come I’ve never heard these objections before? I’ve trained so many people, and he was getting strange objections that no one else is getting.

Then I began to think, almost everyone I had trained before him was getting different objections too! And I myself was getting different objections from all of them!

OK, so I figured something out that maybe you’ve heard before, maybe you haven’t, but either way if you put this next concept into practice, you’ll see MAJOR changes in the attitude and objections of your prospects…

The Perception Principle: 

The reason that everyone was getting different objections is something I like to call, the “Perception Principle.” Everyone has a different perception about the people they talk to about their network marketing opportunity, and everyone has their own thoughts and perceptions about what their most afraid to hear objection wise.

Here’s the basis of the principle: Whatever you are most afraid of hearing from a prospect, you will hear the most!

For example, if you’re afraid that people will perceive your opportunity as too expensive, then almost guaranteed, an objecting you will get almost every time is “I don’t have the money.”

If you’re afraid that people wont’ have the time, or that your business takes a TON of time, the objection you’ll hear most often is “Well, I just don’t have the time to do this.” etc. etc. You get the drill.

I’ve heard this before from my personal mentors, but never actually believed it until I was coaching my own team. It is absolutely true! However we perceive our business and our prospects, that is what we will manifest daily. I couldn’t figure out why EVERYONE had different objections, and now I know why, simply because they all had different fears.

In most work from home business ideas, whatever objection YOU had when you first entered, is normally the one you’ll hear the most. So how do you fix this problem?

EASY, change your perception!

Stop worrying about what the prospect’s thinking because you NEVER know, and just act confident in what you’re doing (if you’re not confident in it you shouldn’t be promoting it anyways) learn objection handling from your upline and practice calling your leads. The more you practice the better you’ll get :). Don’t worry about saying the “wrong” things and ruining a lead, believe in abundance (there are plenty of people in the world ready to join your network marketing opportunity, trust me), set a goal of people to talk with each day and you will see massive results!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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