Network Marketing Leads, #1 Way to Get More Leads for Your Business

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There are a lot of different things I could tell you about getting more network marketing leads. I could tell you it’s easy, that all you  have to do is press this BUTTON and you’ll be a millionaire!

Well, that’s what most people will tell you trying to sell you something online or in person. A huge mistake a lot of network marketers make is telling you the business is easy, get rich quick and everyone will say yes to you because it’s such a great opportunity!

Sorry to say, but NONE of that is true!

I am a full time network marketer, a top earner and fully believe in this industry with all of my heart. However, I worked extremely hard to get where I am and heard a lot of negativity and no’s along the way!

My philosophy is if someone isn’t telling you you’re crazy, your dreams aren’t big enough! The difference between network marketing and any other business you work hard at is this: residuals! If you put in the work now, later on you could be taken care of for the rest of your life!

So if we know we have to work hard, what do we work hard on to get more network marketing leads?

2 Ways to Get More Network Marketing Leads:

1. Cold Network Marketing Leads/Internet Marketing

You’ve all heard me say that internet marketing works, but is not duplicatable. However, if you understand this and don’t stop prospecting on a daily basis, internet marketing is a great tool to use.

Notice I said TOOL! That still means that MLM is a relationship business, and sorry to say this guys, but you STILL have to talk to people! No hype or sales here, just facts.

You should spend about 25% passive prospecting (learning internet marketing, blogging, article writing, etc) and 75% active prospecting (talking to a human being). Remember that the foundation of this business is saying LESS to MORE people over time.

My model for success:

1. Become profitable by actively prospecting

2. Branch out into internet marketing once you’ve learned the basics

What you’ll find is that if you learn the basics and how to set a foundation for your business, your business can sustain itself and give you a little more time to work on  your internet marketing.

So How Do You Get Started Online?

See my previous Getting Started Online blog to learn how to get more network marketing leads from the internet.

I personally used a system called MLSP (My lead system pro) to get me started online, as I know a lot of top earners in MLM did as well. It’s a step by step video tutorial system on how to set up a branded campaign, a blog, keywords, ppc, etc. Anything you want training wise it has it, which is why I always recommend it to people getting into the online market.

It’s helped me generate thousands of leads. However, it is definitely not a must. Obviously social media sites are a great way to generate cold leads and turn them into a warm market for you.

In my free Facebook Training Series videos I show you  how to connect with people on facebook, and turn them from a cold lead into a warm lead and eventually a distributor in your business.

2. Warm Network Marketing Leads/(My favorite way to build)

Attacking your warm market is my favorite way to build, and also the simplest, most duplicatable way.  This is, in my opinion, the best way to generate leads for your business.

I know I know, you’ve “burnt out” your warm market and don’t have anyone to talk with lol, I hear that all of the time! Most people in fact know about 250 people, so if you’ve sponsored 250 people in your last company and recently switched, THEN I’ll believe that you’ve burnt out your warm market ;).

However, if you’re looking for more warm market leads, there’s a number of ways you can get them and EXPAND your warm market. After all, relationships is what network marketing’s all about. Here’s a number of ways to expand your warm market:

List of ways to get warm network marketing leads:

1. Facebook contacts in your area (message and build the relationship)

2. networking functions (see my blog on how to connect in networking functions

3. three foot rule (talk to people when you’re out, it’s not that hard ;), you should constantly be meeting new people and building relationships).

There’s three ways right there to expand your warm market and get more network marketing leads. If you’re struggling with these three ways of expanding your warm market, just remember that the key is to say less to more people, build a relationship and ultimately you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

Practice is the key to any skill, even in business. If you never give up on your goals and dreams, and practice the skills myself and other experts in the field give you, (not just study and never take action), you will be extremely happy with this industry and go on to make a tone of money.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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