Network Marketing Tip #2: Scripts to Never Scare Away Friends And Family!

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I think a lot of network marketers complicate this next step. Once you get the leads from  your warm and cold markets, how do you talk with them so that they don’t run away from you, hide their car in parking lots where you’ll be and never answer your phone calls??

The Best Network Marketing Tip: Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you are on my team, then you’ve received Todd Falcone’s (one of my absolute favorite mentors/leaders) Little Black Book of Scripts. Those scripts are absolutely awesome, and I won’t even pretend to write my own in this blog because I learned a lot of what I know from other leaders. I would definitely recommend taking a look at those scripts. He talks a lot about talking to professionals, which is definitely the kind of market you want to go after. If you take the time to look into a guideline for your telephone and personal conversations, you will dominate this industry.

You definitely need to find a leader that resonates with you, among some of my favorite leaders are Dani Johnson (she’s awesome!), Orrin Woodward, and George Zalucki. Once you  have the basics in place, this is one network marketing tip that most leaders don’t tell you. You absolutely need to practice practice practice!

I DON’T mean practice in the mirror or to yourself, I mean practice by calling your actual leads. A lot of network marketers try to get these scripts absolutely perfect, and THEN call their list. The problem is they expect perfection and they end up with a big mess anyways. The ONLY way to get good at calling leads, is to actually call them ;)!

Trust me, it does NOT need to be perfect. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, and vice versa. Think of it as a fun exercise and a test of your skills and determination. Whenever you get scared to call a lead, just press the send button! After you’re finished, you’ll find out that it wasn’t that bad.

The message here is to practice on your leads and not in the mirror ;). Nothing will ever be perfect so stop obsessing on saying the exact right thing. There were countless times where I called someone and got so bummed that I said the wrong thing and thought that person will never join. Then some of them joined! After doing it a couple hundred times I realized that if someone doesn’t like what I have to say, out with the old and on to the new! I got better and better with each call, now I know I’m unstoppable ;), and you will be too with this network marketing tip.

Secret Weapon Network Marketing Tip of Scripts: BE A HUMAN BEING!

Most of you  have seen my facebook training series, and in there I mention that all of the “mumbo jumbo” scripts that a lot of people use on facebook don’t work! Why? Because online, if you don’t have the write tone and copy, people can smell the salesy pitch from a mile away! Many people copy and paste, copy and paste, and never get results.

You have to learn about your prospect, connect with something on their profile and act like a human! Maybe even share this network marketing tip with them if they’re a networker. Many of us think we need to fall back on scripts and get all nervous when a prospect asks a question that isn’t in our script book,

Hidden, Underground Secret Network Marketing Tip: When In Doubt, Use Common Sense!

Seems simple, but in fact many people don’t use this strategy. If you truly care and listen to what your prospect has to say, you will never feel like you’ve left them exhausted with anger from your long, drooling networking pitch. If they’re not open or interested, that’s ok! You’re going to get a lot of that, just telling you now. Move on and keep the relationship in tact. No never means no, it always means “not yet” :).

Script That Never Chases Away Friends/Family

Here’s a script that is guaranteed to work with friends/family….

“Hey, just throwing this out there, I just got involved in a home based business, I’m going to aggressively build this, Would love your opinion. If interested I could send you a short video (presentation/were having a luncheon/some info), if not no big deal.”

If they ask what it is, tell them you’re really busy with a lot of calls to make, and they can look at the info and you’ll come back to them.

I challenge you to try this out on 10 friends a week, you will see a huge change in your business :). This network marketing tip and script are some of the best things I can give you from the experience I’ve had.

To Your Success!

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