Network Marketing Tip Guaranteed to Attract Leaders to Your Business

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Today I am going to give you the number one network marketing tip to guarantee that you will make more money in your business and attract leaders. I recently have been getting asked A LOT about how to make duplication happen, and how to get the people you just KNOW are going to be awesome into your business. There are a couple of things that you can do to attract leaders, but the following article details the best way in my opinion.

Network Marketing Tip: Act As If

What Do I mean “Act As If?” I mean that even if you aren’t making the money you want to be making, you STILL have the confidence of a true leader. Before I made money with networking, I knew that the best way to attract leaders is to act like one!

Many times, people that have been successful in the industry before know how the “game” is played. If you are begging them to get into your business, or lack the confidence within, it will definitely show on the outside and dis sway anyone from joining you.

Remember how I said one of the best questions you can ask yourself is “would you sign up with you?” The same principles apply here, except the bigger puzzle of the network marketing tip today is to think like a leader when asking yourself that question.

Network Marketing Tip #2: So How Does This Apply Online & Offline?

A lot of people assume that attention, (any kind of attention), is a good thing. But have you ever looked at who’s actually looking at the content you put out there both online and offline?

Network Marketing Tip #3: Offline Marketing Questions You Should Ask Yourself…

1. What kind of people do you hang around?

2. Are those people fueling your greatness or bringing down your dreams?

3. If you’re not hanging around top quality people, what kind of people are you attracting?

4. Do you attribute your fail/success to someone else, or do you take responsibility?

5. What qualities do you want in the people that join your business? Do you see those same qualities in yourself?

Online Marketing Questions To Ask Yourself…

1. What kind of content/articles are leaders attracted to?

2. Does social media reflect the confident person you are?

3. Do people know what I do? (Think about any leader you’ve ever known, 9 times out of 10 everyone knew exactly what they did and how to get a hold of them for advice on business)

4. Is my contact information available?

5. Do my profiles, videos and trainings online contain positive, uplifting theories or are you constantly looking down on life and others? Do my videos portray the confidence I need?

6. AM I CONSISTENT??? –> BIG question to ask yourself, because whether you know it or not, people are watching you. The more consistent you are the better.

If your answer to all of those questions is YES, then you’re doing what you need to to attract someone awesome into your company. Ask yourself this final question,

What Would a Leader Do?

Every time you internet market, call a lead, talk to someone in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, WHEREVER, think about what a leader would do in that situation. Every time you’re scared to talk with someone or think they’re definitely not interested, think about the person you admire most, and what action they would take in that situation.

If you do this every time, you will attract what you put out in the universe. The best network marketing tip I can give you on attracting leaders is to become one yourself. Attitude and confidence is everything in this industry, whether you’ve made a dime or $10,000, a leader is a leader when they decide to become a leader.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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