Network Marketing Tip – Why is That Guy Rich and I’m NOT?

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In today’s blog, I’m about to give you a network marketing tip that will change your business forever (in a good way ;)). Network marketing is an interesting model. Most business men/women will tell you that it’s one of the best business models they’ve ever seen, and that it’s set up for every single person, no matter what background, to succeed!

FANTASTIC! So why is it then, that every single person DOESN’T succeed?? Why is it, that around 5% of network marketers make $1,000,000 or more and the other 95% make much less than that?

The #1 Network Marketing Tip That Will Change Your Future!

I heard one of the founders of my primary company say this phrase, and I absolutely loved it and it really got me thinking,

“Network Marketing is not easy, but it’s a simple business. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it for the financial freedom and benefits, but most people are not. They don’t have the discipline and determination to succeed.”

I LOVED this network marketing tip! Did you see what he said there? “Discipline and Determination.” Not talent, not the gift of gab, not the ability to do videos or look pretty or talk well. DISCIPLINE!

I’ve said this over and over, but here’s a different spin:

We’ve Given You the #1 Network Marketing Tip Over and Over, Yet You’ve Chosen Not To Listen!

What is that tip?? To talk to a certain number of people a day and INVITE them to take a look at your opportunity. If you’re NOT where you want to be in network marketing read this very carefully….

Remember how I said that about 5% of people make at least $1,000,000? Kind of low right?? Did you know that 95% of people that stick with their company (if they got in at the right time) for 10 years make at least $1,000,000?!

See how those figures changed! Why is that? Because they didn’t give up (determination), and they had the discipline to try different things and stick to what worked and do it every single day. Most people give up after a few months and leave with a bad taste in their mouth about networking. They are convinced that network marketing doesn’t work and never will work and that it’s a “scam.”

Well I’m sorry to say, but if you’re one of those people reading this right now, you’re absolutely ignorant. For any other start up, they cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and you don’t start making your money back until about 4 or 5 years in! If people treated network marketing as a million dollar business instead of a hundred dollar business, they’d see a lot better results.

Networking should be a 12 to 36 month plan, and if you work your little butt off for that amount of time, you can live lavishly and not have to work hard your entire life. it’s called residuals! ;0.

Over and over again your upline tells you, (at least I hope :)) to talk to X amount of people per day and get X to see a presentation. They tell you that if you do that every day, you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

So why don’t people follow that system? Here’s why:

Why People Don’t Follow the #1 Network Marketing Tip (Talking to people every day) Given By Their Upline:

1. They Make Excuses (I don’t know how to talk to people or where to find people) <– people are all around you! Go to the nearest networking function, or when you’re shopping ask the person if they’re open to making extra money, we ALL talk to people, just make it a prospecting day :).

2. They’re scared <– fear is the one hurtle you have to get over if you want to be successful. plain and simple. DON’T be afraid you’ll say or do the wrong thing, you can never say or do the wrong thing to the right person, and vice versa. Just fail forward and learn from your mistakes.

3. N0 Belief <– You have to be confident. Do whatever it takes to be confident in yourself and your business, because if you don’t have that no one will want to join you. Listen to tapes, read books, do whatever you have to do to build that confidence and you’ll be unstoppable!

My number ONE Network Marketing tip for you today is to go out every single day, connect with 5 people a day and get at least 2 to show you the presentation. Not easy, but SIMPLE! Don’t Try to over complicate the basics. You’ll learn as you go. Don’t give up, talk to people every single day, and you’ll build a massive team.

Be honest with yourself and your goals. Write them down and make sure you follow them every single day, no excuses!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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