Network Marketing Versus Traditional Business

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Many of us are familiar with or have experience in both network marketing and traditional business, but do we really understand the major difference? In my recent prospecting I’ve found that a lot of the population is looking for extra money right now and hurting big time, but just doesn’t realize that there are other options out there.

In a down economy when people are losing their jobs left and right, no one feels secure depending on other people to keep food on the table with a job. We all recognize that jobs will never make you wealthy anyways. So what’s the alternative to not working a job but still wanting to create wealth in a down economy? There are really only two major options:

1. Network Marketing

2. Traditional Business

Some of you reading this today have no clue what these two categories entail, even though you THINK you do. Most are uneducated about the differences and about the overall gist of network marketing and traditional business, so I’m going to clue you in :).

Network Marketing Vs. Traditional Business

Let’s use a story about one of my friends to make this relative and really illustrate the difference between these two major categories:

Joe was working in corporate America as a big executive. He had a fancy office with a great view, a large amount of people working under him, made good money, and had a fancy title that he could brag about to people. Joe also happened to work 60-80 hours a week and barely got to spend time with his family, but his thought process was “that’s just the price you pay to live a great lifestyle and take care of your family.”

Every day that Joe drove to work, he passed his neighbor’s house. His neighbor, John, had a big, beautiful house. The house had bright green grass, a huge pool and lanai out back, large columns in front and big iron double doors. Joe envied his neighbor because every time Joe kissed his kids good bye at 7 am and got in his car to drive to work, his neighbor would wave from the front steps in a bath robe and then walked right back inside to spend the day with this family.

That day Joe made a decision. He knew that John owned his own business and was completely financially free, so he decided he no longer wanted to be part of the corporate rat race and he would go out on his own! It just so happened that Joe got laid off that day anyways, but he knew it was coming because his company had been in trouble for quite some time.

Joe didn’t panic, he already had a plan to open a coffee shop in his area.

A few months later he spent $250,000 getting his coffee shop off the ground and running and is so excited it’s finally ready to go! He hires a ton of employees, a manager, and holds a grand opening. Long story short, his employees kept stealing from the register, he ended up working 80-90 hours a week (even more than his job), made less money even after 3 years of being open for business, and was actually barely making a profit.

Joe was so frustrated and beaten down, he decided to go see John and ask him what he should do. John, his neighbor, was successful happy and free so he must know the answer. What do you think John did for a living? Network marketing! (this is a true story). John explained the benefits of network marketing vs. traditional business to Joe, even though Joe was skeptical because his unsuccessful brother and sister in law had tried one of “those things” and it didn’t do anything.

Network marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry, but unfortunately more times than most a lot of people have been so poisoned by the mass thinking that people don’t understand it’s true power.

Joe joined John’s network marketing company and after 2 years was making multiple six figures then went on to become a multi millionaire with the industry after 5 years.

Benefits of Network Marketing:

1. No boss

2. Low overhead

3.  Low start up cost

4. Unlimited profit potential

5. No employees

6. No headaches or emergencies

7. Financial and time freedom

Benefits of Traditional Business:

1. No boss

Most people think traditional business is “the way of life” because it’s been hammered into our minds over and over again. Of course there are many successful traditional businesses and I commend them for that, however there is also a lot of risk, capital and headaches that come with it.

I used to be a skeptic because I wasn’t properly educated on network marketing and I listened to the masses when I should’ve been paying attention to the people I wanted to model. I educated myself, got involved with network marketing 2 and a half years ago and now I’m the top female income earner and recruiter in my network marketing company.

I was a broke college student who didn’t know anyone, traditional business was not an option for me so I tried something new.

“If you want to get something you haven’t gotten, you have to do something you haven’t done.”

that was my motto for a long time and it’s gotten me to where I am today. I’m excited to be educating people today about what I do and creating a lifestyle for thousands of people through network marketing.

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