Network Marketing: Would you sign up with you?

There is a simple solution to figure out exactly why you are not getting the results you want from your  network marketing business. It seems to be that the same people call me every week complaining about their lack of results, these same people would rather call me to complain than prospect!

Here’s the deal, you will NEVER make it work with a complaining attitude and if you’re out to prove that network marketing doesn’t work!  Trust me, it does work it just takes the right attitude and commitment. My big question for all of you that haven’t gotten the results you wanted is “WOULD YOU SIGN UP WITH YOU?”

If the answer to this question is NO, then figure out why and FIX IT. If you were searching around for sponsors trying to pick the absolute best one in your business, who would it be? Figure out the characteristics of your number one sponsor choice and be that person!

See for me, my success didn’t come all on my own, it actually rarely does for anyone. I am simply a copycat of the best marketers and networkers out there! If you ask ANYONE how they became successful, I guarantee they had a mentor and learned from the best.

I had NO idea how to market online! My mentor started using MLM lead system pro to get started, so I started using it! My mentor called his prospects and handled objections, so I listened to his calls and handled objections, my mentor talked to a certain number of people a day, so I started talking to a certain number of people a day.  It’s simple yet so many people don’t understand this simple concept of  “be the best!”

My action step for you today is to contact someone, anyone you admire or has your desired level of success, and ask them for help. Ask them what their prospecting process is or how they get leads. you can even email me if you’d like! Make sure you start TODAY, no delays,

To your success!

Jessica Perretti

[email protected]

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