Numis Network Convention Update!

I wanted to let everyone in my primary business know what you missed at the Numis convention. First of all let me just say that it was AWESOME! A lot of great announcements and awards, good stuff.

Before I go into all of the new updates, I want to reiterate how important it is to come to events. Obviously things come up and we can’t make it to all of them, but if you want to be successful in this business, you have to “act” like the rank you want to achieve.

Everyone who was there I guarantee will have more success in their business from this point forward. Events are crucial to this business!

Ok, here are the new things going on for Numis:

1. Pay Card – instead of checks they’re now rolling out a pay card with a coin on it! (great advertising for Numis)

2. Spanish – all marketing materials within the next month will be in both English and Spanish

3. Numis University – Wow Guys! This is awesome. Numis is putting together a 3 day “boot camp” that basically teaches you how to grow your business and has leaders and the founders there teaching you networking. For 3 days of intense training, the price for Numis members is only $99.00!! The founders are begging you to succeed, please take advantage of this as you will see a HUGE spike in your business.

4. Star Builder Training – Within the next month or so Jake, Ion and Chris have introduced star builder training that will be available in the backoffice.

5. Numis Equity Program – Ok guys, this is big. Details will be sent in a corporate email, but Numis founders have agreed to give away 1% of equity every time you hit a certain number of volume. They are giving away up to 10% equity, umm.. can you say MONEY?? This is a huge deal, most founders will not do this in fear of “missing a piece of the pie.” They are great people and want us to succeed!

6. Forever Crystals – Last but not least, look in your backoffice for Forever Crystals. These are a GREAT marketing tool and just show how great our product is. Numis has pantented engraved, hologram crystals that fit in a slot of your coin case. You can put pictures and a little saying on it in a coin box. Not only can you make one for yourself, but they make AWESOME gifts! Imagine an anniversary with a picture of the couple and an inscription of the date they got married, you think they’d ask you some questions about the coins?? of course! These are gorgeous and Numis is the only ones that have them ;).

Dates for Numis University will be sent out in a corporate email. We had some great speakers as well, if any of you would like please email me and I’ll send you my notes on the information.

Take this information and share it with your friends and family, this is HUGE stuff! Have an awesome week guys!

To Your Success,

Jessica Perretti

[email protected]

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